Successful Inventory Control Programs for Manufacturing Start Here

July 19th 2018 15:00:00 PM

Successful manufacturing starts with an efficient inventory control program. These programs can be simple; even small changes yield better results, especially digitally-based inventory control systems. Best of all, they can be affordable.

Why bother with inventory control programs? If you fail to control your inventory, it will quickly control you. Inventory mistakes, whether mistakes in counting items into receiving or out for shipping, can be some of the most costly and time-consuming mistakes to rectify. Worst of all, too many mistakes can lead to customer dissatisfaction, which in turn results in lost business.

One mistake won’t sink a business, but too many mistakes will. If you’re still using scratch counts and spreadsheets, you’re opening the door for multiple data entry mistakes to creep into your inventory system. You’ll also lack real-time, immediate updates on stock counts which could negatively impact business.

Inventory for Manufacturers: Not for the Faint of Heart

Today’s businesses run on longer supply chains with more inputs from distance points than ever before. Understanding stock counts is vital to fulfillment. Without them, you’ll end up paying more, accidentally ordering things you have, or delaying order fulfillment.

Better, faster, and more flexible systems are available to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Sage Mobility for Barcode synchronizes perfectly with Sage 100 cloud. It offers fast real-time data and a system that takes little time for people to learn.

Sage Mobility: Affordable Integrated Inventory Systems

Sage Mobility provides an affordable, integrated inventory system. Within minutes or hours, you can be up and running. Find out if your current Sage system is ready to add Sage Mobility for Barcode. Please contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959.



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