Tips for Warehouse Inventory Control: Move the Items!

April 28th 2020 15:00:00 PM

Part of warehouse inventory control is figuring out creative ways to move unsold items. We all know those items. They’re the items that gather dust in the gloomy corners of the warehouse. These are the items everyone shoves to the back of the shelf, pretending they don’t exist.

Well, they do exist. They take up valuable warehouse space. Each unsold item represents money tied up in inventory. Clever inventory managers must work with their sales, marketing, and management teams to find ways to move these items out before they become unsalable. 

Think Beyond Discounting

Most people reading this are nodding and saying, “Yes, it’s easy. Just discount the items. They’ll sell.” 

If only it were that easy! Sometimes sales work to move unsold goods, and at other times a sale price generates barely a flicker of interest. It is certainly the best first step to clear the warehouse of unsold goods. 

Think beyond the usual 20, 30, or 50% off sale. A few creative ideas: 

  • B2B companies can offer unsold items as a free item with purchase
  • B2C companies can (depending on the warehouse) open their warehouse for a “warehouse shopping event” and let customers shop right from the warehouse. Or, if your company is online only, snap photos of the warehouse and set up a “warehouse event” page on your website to mimic an in-person event.
  • Encourage your sales team to use the unsold items as customer gifts. It’s true that not every warehouse lends itself to this but, for those who can think beyond the obvious, it’s a clever way to transform unsold inventory into marketing promotional items.
  • When all else fails, look for a charity to donate the items to, and use it as a tax write-off. 

The next time you check your warehouse inventory control system, look for those aging items that are really well beyond their sell-by date. Then get clever with clearance! 

Scanco recommends Sage 100 Warehouse to help you keep track of all warehouse items, including aging items. 

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