Tips and Hacks to Set up Manufacturing Automation Software

June 14th 2018 15:00:00 PM

It’s not a question of ‘if’ your competitors will use manufacturing automation software, but when. What do you plan to do to stay ahead of the curve?

Manufacturing automation software is changing how companies produce goods and fulfill orders. If implemented properly, it can transform your entire operation.

A few hints, tips, and hacks to get to operational transformation:

  1. Create standard operation procedures: Make sure your teams know the current operating principles, systems and procedures already built within your company. Before implementing manufacturing automation software, it’s important to put people first and ensure everyone is ready to move forward as a comprehensive group.
  2. Implement company-wide: Companies often try to implement new software in one department to test the waters. Unfortunately, this dilutes the effort. Implement new software across the company for a smoother transition.
  3. Ensure adequate training: Another area where companies sometimes try to cut corners is in the training process. Schedule plenty of time for individual and group training.
  4. Assign a champion: A champion is someone who will lead the charge when it comes to the new software. This person typically receives more training from the software company than others and is the on-site person for questions and troubleshooting. Find someone within your company willing to act as the champion and provide ample opportunities for training.
  5. Lead by example: People dislike change. Managers need to lead by example and embrace change so that others follow.

If you’re looking to automate and streamline tasks while increasing accuracy by easing data-entry, Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency and related options for Sage 100 can help. There’s no better partner to help you implement these cutting-edge solutions than the manufacturing experts at Scanco. Contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959 to speak with one of our manufacturing experts.


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