Track Your Inventory Using Printed Tags

October 18th 2018 15:00:00 PM

Printed tags are one of many ways in which manufacturers can track their inventory. Methods to track inventory include printed tags for barcodes, RFID, and NFC technologies.

Accurate inventory management is essential to a healthy manufacturing bottom line. If you don’t know what’s in stock, you won’t know what you have on hand to fulfill orders. You can easily over-order or under-order essential supplies and end up being late on order delivery.

With printed tags for barcodes, a scan is all you need to update the inventory as you add and remove items in the warehouse. The receiving area runs more smoothly as items can be scanned right into the system. Everyone using such systems can quickly see what’s on hand to fill critical orders.

Printed tags may seem like a basic solution. They are, but they are an effective solution. Since barcodes were invented in the 20th century, the evolution of the barcode scanner and accompanying systems have meant that manufacturers must constantly update to ensure they have the most efficient technology.

With printed tags and barcode scanning software from Scanco, you can be assured that you are using simple, easy, and efficient technology to track warehouse inventory. No, it’s not as sexy as RFID tags, but if it works, why not? The process of printing paper tags and adding them on inventory shelves, items, or finished goods takes only a few seconds per tag and costs very little. Scanning them with a barcode scanner takes seconds.

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