Use Warehouse Tracking Software – NFC Technology – to Increase Supply Chain Visibility

May 31st 2018 15:00:00 PM

NFC technology is one of the newest warehouse tracking software to arrive on the scene. NFC stands for “near field communication” and provides a convenient, simple-to-use option for warehouses wanting to speed up counting activities and cut down on long-term costs.

This new technology is currently used throughout stores that allows NFC-enabled POS screens to make the checkout process faster and smoother for customers. Customers tap the keypad, the transaction is processed, and they’re on their way.

In warehouse tracking software, NFC can be used as a tap and go technique, too. Employees can tap a mobile phone on a small NFC button or tag located on the bin. Then, they read or enter new data. When NFC is properly set up, data flows automatically back into your company’s ERP system. It’s another shortcut that saves time, effort, and data entry steps, making it a useful warehouse tracking software.

Warehouse managers like NFC because it increases flexibility. The technology consists of two small chips, and they can be read by any mobile phone. No special hardware is needed. NFC tags can also and can be programmed with virtually any data. Barcodes and RFID tags, on the other hand, are one-use only.

NFC represents the latest in warehouse tracking software. At Scanco, we are always on the lookout for new software that can make a warehouse manager’s job easier and ensure faster, cleaner data for better decision-making.

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