Using Electronic Signature Capture for Sage 100 Mobile Sales

January 21st 2016 13:00:46 PM

Sage 100 mobile salesBecause electronic signatures can meet legal requirements, electronic signature capture is an important part of any Sage 100 mobile sales application. Using a mobile app platform, sales representatives in the field can obtain signatures for sales agreements and upload the signed agreements to the home office in a matter of moments, rather than having to get a paper copy, scan or fax it and then send it in. Because of this, there is almost no risk of a signed agreement becoming lost or damaged in transit from the customer site to the home office.

Electronic signature capture improves efficiency, reduces error, and increases customer satisfaction
When your sales force has electronic signature capability, your organization will see many benefits:
  • Higher efficiency as contracts can be completed more quickly and are automatically coordinated with orders and invoicing
  • Increased productivity with automated document processing and workflow
  • Faster turnaround since transactions can be processed immediately and entered into the production and distribution system
  • Lower costs because paper usage and storage is reduced
  • Improved accuracy because double entry is eliminated
  • Better legal standing as you have established an electronically recorded date and time of the signature as well as simple retrieval of signed documents

Implementing electronic signature is as easy as choosing the right mobile sales app. Scanco Sales is a Sage 100 mobile application for your field sales force that includes electronic signature functionality. This application runs on all native iOS, Android, or Windows 8 devices.

Learn more about how Scanco Sales and other Sage 100 mobile apps can improve your organization’s efficiency.


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