What Problems Should Supply Chain Management Solutions Solve?

March 19th 2020 15:00:00 PM

If you’re busy working in your business and you already know you want solutions, it may seem a little frustrating to go back to the beginning to think about the issues you are having. Unless you have a clear idea of where your supply chain is running into difficulty, then you won’t know precisely which features and benefits of supply chain management solutions offered make the most sense for your business.

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Let Supply Chain Technology Help Your Business

Since your business has issues that are unique to your industry and which filter down to the way you run your company, it would be inaccurate to claim there is one solution that will work in all circumstances. The following are some examples of situations where supply chain management solutions can play a role in adding value and help your business stay competitive.

  1. Meet Increasing Customer Expectations
    There certainly isn’t any shortage of information moving through the supply chain of your business. Rather than trying to keep track of it personally or attempting to write it down on paper and stay current with the immense volume that is constantly being received, it makes more sense to adopt a paperless system.

    According to Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index,13 billion parcels were shipped in the US alone (2018). The Index reveals that 2,760 parcels are shipped every second from somewhere in the world. This volume is not going to slow down since parcel shipping is expected to reach 200 billion in volume in 2025.

  2. Meet Increasing Customer Expectations
    It’s no secret that e-commerce customer expectations are not becoming easier to satisfy over time. Good customer service is only the minimum expectation from modern buyers. Instead, they want the items they are ordering to be readily available from the warehouse, picked by your team and shipped promptly.
  3. Automated Billing
    Automated billing means items being shipped from your warehouse and having invoices sent out immediately, as opposed to having to wait for specific billing periods from your accounting department. The faster you can have these invoices forwarded to your customers, the shorter the billing cycle is likely to be. If a customer pays an invoice even five days earlier, it can have a positive impact on your company’s cash flow.

Consider Scanco’s Supply Chain Management Solutions

Scanco’s Mobile Solutions for distributors and manufacturers give you all the tools you need at your disposal to run your business at a higher rate of productivity with more efficiency. You’ll also find it easier to meet your customers’ ever-increasing expectations and have your team work together collaboratively.

Scanco Sales allows your team to access Sage 100/100 from mobile devices. With it, they will be able to access customer information, sales orders, and invoices. Sales representatives can review your catalog with a customer and then prepare a quote that can be transmitted electronically. Before e-mailing the quote, your sales rep can check product availability and confirm the requested products will be available by a specific date.

Scanco Mobility allows you to automate your cycle counting as well as year-end physical counting from any iOS or Android device. It integrates effortlessly into Sage 100/100, which eliminates the need for pen and paper counting and following up with data entry. Counting speeds will increase dramatically (up to 75%). It will be much easier to track which items are in stock and plan when to reorder items.

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