Why Doing Nothing is Killing Your Warehouse

December 19th 2014 18:53:51 PM

Over the past 20 years, we have seen manufacturers and distributors come and go. Some of these early departures can be blamed on the tumultuous economy and unforeseen events. However, a good majority of these companies’ failures can only be attributed to the silent killer of manufacturing and distribution operations: complacency. Complacency is preventing warehouses and distribution centers across the world from reaching their full potential and even jeopardizing the final stability of some previously successful companies.

Now, let us clear up some of the confusion. When we talk about complacency, we are discussing the complacency related to warehouse management technology. We think we can all agree that most manufacturers and distributors are not complacent in their processes and strategies – just the technology they use to carry them out.

As new technologies and warehouse management solutions continue to pour into the market, it can become easy for your company to become complacent. After all, who wants to have to relearn a new system or change the way they’ve always performed a certain task? Who has the time to spend training their employees on new software when they have efficiency numbers to improve?
Investing the time and energy into a new technology and software solution may seem like a waste; however, the opposite is actually true. When you invest in a new warehouse management solution, you are doing more than paying for a new technology solution – you are investing in your future and financial stability.

Companies who rely on warehouse management solutions from 10 plus years ago put themselves at risk for failure. They are unable to respond quickly to industry changes, and (more likely than not) they don’t have the tools they need to succeed in today’s fast-pace business culture.

If you’ve been ignoring the technology tide and have grown complacent with your technology, it may be time to jump in the water. Contact us today to see how we can help you protect your company’s future with a warehouse management solution that works for you.


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