Work Order Integration and Manufacturing Automation for Sage 100

May 23rd 2017 11:00:43 AM

As a manufacturer, you have constant questions. “What stage is that rush job at? How long has it taken so far? Will it be done in time to ship today? Where the heck is Ben, and is he really the most efficient worker on the floor like it seems? How are my materials levels doing today – and do I have enough materials for next week?” Questions like these are distracting and can turn your day into a time-consuming, stressful ordeal. Luckily, there’s a way to get answers to all these questions immediately: manufacturing automation.

Learn more about how work order integration for Sage 100 can help you get instantaneous, up-to-the-second information in your warehouse. Contact the manufacturing tech experts at Scanco and ask about Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation.

Work Order Helps Speed Up Manufacturing

If you’re not using Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation yet, you’re missing out on saving a lot of time. This powerful tool is the cornerstone of the manufacturing abilities for Sage 100, and it helps you:

  • Issue work orders
  • Develop schedules
  • Track costs associated with manufacturing
  • View up-to-the-minute work in progress info
  • Generate paperwork for work orders, including travelers, picking sheets, dispatch sheets, and operation tickets
  • Identify and evaluate costs and cost variations as you analyze your capacity and the status of your orders

As you can see, the Work Order module for Sage 100 can help you take care of a lot of your manufacturing activities quickly and easily … but there’s a way you can speed up Work Order too.

WO Scan Speeds You Up Even More

Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation helps you take care of work orders faster and easier than ever before, and this great manufacturing automation tool integrates seamlessly with your Work Order module and your Scanco barcoding solution.

Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation increases manufacturing efficiency by providing comprehensive, at-a-glance information about your shop floor and manufacturing activities.

With Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation, you’ll have the power to track your:

  • Labor cost and efficiencies (including non-productive time such as setup)
  • Material issues
  • Outsourced projects’ efficiencies
  • Quality control checks
  • And more

If your manufacturing operations require product tracking by serial or lot number, Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation can take care of that too. You can even combine your lots with quality control certification steps so that you can verify QC for each lot you create.

In addition, Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation offers error-reducing one-time data entry with online and offline capabilities that auto-sync your data if you lose connectivity in your plant, as well as live dashboard reporting that can be displayed with a giant monitor on your shop floor.

What Are the Benefits of Manufacturing Automation?

Though larger plants discovered the benefits of manufacturing automation a few years ago, smaller manufacturers are now starting to realize how much they can gain from using automated systems in their operations.

Some of the benefits they’re experiencing include:

  1. Time savings – no more waiting at workstations to enter updates
  2. Efficient ordering – always up-to-date materials inventory information
  3. Offline data capture – reduces materials issue surprises and maintains efficiency
  4. Remote data capture – keeps track of outsourced or alternate locations
  5. Better work completion – using prompts that employees respond to throughout their workday
  6. Delay-free production – Predict labor needs, materials needs, tool scheduling, and more

It’s Time to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

Today’s ever-longer supply chains, faster product turnarounds, and direct-to-consumer transactions are creating great opportunity for smaller manufacturers, but companies that want to keep up with their increased options may end up with more work than they counted on. And if there’s anything worse than no business, it’s too much business at once.

Keep your manufacturing operations on an even keel and get the insight and tools you need to increase your work—without increasing your workload. Contact Scanco today to learn more about Sage 100 Manufacturing Automation.


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