Why Your Small Business Needs a Barcode Inventory System

March 1st 2022 11:00:00 AM

Have you ever thought about a barcode inventory system for your small business? You may have put off updating your operation due to the perceived cost. You may want to grow your company to make it a better “fit” for this level of technology.

person using scanner in warehouse for barcode inventory system

Barcoding is a way you can streamline your daily operation to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. It can help you save money and stay competitive. As a business owner, you are interested in finding ways to keep costs in line while growing your business. Introducing barcodes is one way you can take a step forward to achieve this goal.  

11 Reasons to Get a Barcode Inventory System

  1. Barcode scanning reduces errors. 

The most important reason to introduce barcode scanning to your small business is that it virtually eliminates errors. Using a pen and paper to write down inventory numbers is time-consuming and can be fraught with errors. Data entry operators are pretty accurate in their work, but they make mistakes, too. In contrast, using barcode scanners is more accurate. 

  1. Scanning barcodes is much faster than writing.

Your team members can walk through your warehouse and scan items without having to write anything down on a clipboard. Suppose you have to wait until the inventory numbers get updated in the computer system. In that case, they will be out of sync with your actual numbers often. When you use barcodes, inventory numbers get updated in real-time. 

  1. Training time is reduced. 

Barcode scanners are a common feature in retail businesses. Many grocery stores have introduced self-checkout stations where customers can scan their purchases. This option makes it easy for buyers to use a scanner for their groceries, even if they have never worked in a store. 

It doesn’t take much time to familiarize warehouse workers with barcode scanning hardware and software. The cost of learning to use these tools is minimal compared to other company training. 

  1. Barcodes save the company money.

Checking inventory levels and performing the year-end inventory audit is a significant undertaking for a company that must conduct these tasks manually. Warehouse workers can complete their jobs quickly using a barcode inventory system. The company doesn’t have to pay employees to work overtime or pull team members from other tasks to complete the inventory.

  1. Barcodes increase productivity.

Scanner technology boosts productivity by streamlining the inventory process by digitally updating inventory levels or item movement. Employees require less training time on the barcode scanner, increasing productivity.

  1. 6. They help control inventory shrinkage.

Barcodes allow you to get a much better handle on the amount of inventory lost to shrinkage. A certain amount of stock is lost due to clerical errors annually; however, you’ll want to ensure that shrinkage due to theft and fraud is not an issue. Tracking with barcodes is a way to encourage transparency and accountability in the warehouse. 

  1. They make inventory tracking and management easy.

Once you start using a barcode inventory system, you can look up any item and tell how many you have in stock, the number of orders, and the delivery dates. The bar codes make tracking and managing your inventory a much easier task.

  1. Barcodes help owners and managers make better decisions.

Better data leads to better decisions in business. Since barcodes collect data quickly and accurately, small business owners and their managers can make more informed decisions. 

  1. Barcode scanners are highly durable. 

Barcode scanners are a good choice for warehouse use. Even though warehouse staff will be careful with the equipment, accidents happen. For this reason, wireless barcode scanners can withstand falls on hard surfaces, such as a concrete floor. Heavy-duty barcode scanners are rated for wet or dusty environments, which can interfere with the performance of less-robust scanners. 

  1. They are very versatile.

With barcodes, you can track several data types, such as a product’s description, color, size, and location. Barcodes can also keep track of company equipment. 

They can easily be attached to many surfaces and are very economical to print. The only thing you need to invest in is a barcode reader. 

  1. Barcodes give you accurate data for insurance purposes.

You’ll want to have accurate figures to determine how much coverage to buy to protect all your company assets. If you ever have to file a claim, the insurance company will need accurate figures and documentation to support them. 

Rugged Sage Barcode Scanning Hardware from Scanco

Scanco understands that you need to see the value in adding a new piece of equipment or making an upgrade before you can commit to it. We offer several Sage barcode scanning hardware scanners designed to suit any budget. 

Linea Pro enables smartphones and tablets to become industrial mobile data acquisition devices and are a proven leader in the field of logistics, transportation, and retail. Linea Pro 7 is compatible with iPhone 6s, 7, 8, and SE. This durable model is encased in a rugged housing and has an optional pistol grip.

The ZEBRA MC9300 is the most rugged MC9000 series ever created, ready to outlast every device in its class, in any environment—including the freezer! New data capture capabilities include both front and back cameras and extraordinary scan ranges. 

The ZEBRA ET51 Tablet has enterprise-class durability and data capture. The included accessories make it rugged and ready to use, both indoors and out, even in extreme conditions. The integrated SE4710 scan engine lets you scan both 1D and 2D barcodes.

All Scanco’s handheld barcode scanning devices are compatible with our Manufacturing and Warehouse apps.

Would you like to learn more about our barcode inventory solutions and how they can benefit your business? Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert to take the next step today.


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