3 Reasons Technology is Vital to Manufacturing and Distribution Health

July 14th 2015 14:00:12 PM

How is your company doing in terms of health? Is your operation running strong, with little holding it back? Or are you winded from just the slightest sales increase or order interruption?

When it comes to manufacturing and distribution health, it’s important to be proactive. The health of your operation will have a direct impact on the future and longevity of your business, with good health indicating a strong likelihood for success and poor health indicating a strong likelihood of business failure if you stay on the same track. Monitoring your business’ health is crucial, and having the right tools with which to monitor business health and diagnose problems is essential. Without them, you are operating blind with no indication of what will go wrong next.

The Importance of Early Diagnosis for Warehouse Management Ailments

As you already know, what happens in the warehouse has the ability to impact the business as a whole – for better or worse. When things are running in a smooth and efficient manner in the warehouse, the business typically experiences periods of growth, profitability and improved customer satisfaction rates. When there are bottlenecks or delays in the warehouse, however, multiple areas of the business suffer. Sales personnel are unable to provide clients and prospects with accurate estimations of their orders. The customer service department receives a high volume of calls inquiring about the status of their orders. Service technicians are unable to complete jobs in a timely manner as they are waiting on parts or information from the warehouse, and the back office is stuck fielding questions from angry customers and order cancellation requests because products are not delivered on-time as promised.

When problems in the warehouse go undetected, they often amass into even bigger problems down the line. In order to prevent this from happening, companies need a way to detect and diagnose issues as they arise in the warehouse so other areas of the business can continue to run as normal. That’s why we created Scanco Warehouse and Scanco Enterprise.

Both Scanco Warehouse and Scanco Enterprise contain unique, real-time reporting capabilities that provide warehouse managers (and other personnel) with full visibility into the warehouse so they can detect issues as they arise, determine the overall health of the warehouse, and develop a strategy for challenges to the operation. These tools are invaluable in monitoring your warehouse’s health; without them, you are unaware of the issues building underneath the surface that have the impact to disrupt your business.

Forming a Team of Technology Solutions for Optimum Business Health

Warehouse management software alone is not enough to ensure the health of your business. While it can boost the ailments in the warehouse, it cannot address other business concerns (often related to the same ailments occurring in the warehouse). For this reason, we’ve paired Scanco Sales and Scanco Service with our Sage 100 mobile warehouse management applications to provide our customers with comprehensive coverage. Fully downloadable as mobile applications on your mobile phone and tablet, both Scanco Sales and Scanco Service support the work done by Scanco Warehouse (or Scanco Enterprise for the more advanced warehouse).

By linking these three applications, we have created a technology team that allows you to diagnose, monitor and treat problems on the spot. With the information provided by each application, users can formulate a plan of action that best suits the business as a whole. The integration of these three Sage 100 mobile applications, you won’t need emergency care because you already have preventative care.

Contact us today to learn how you can start using our Sage 100 mobile applications to support the entire business – not just the warehouse.


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