3 Reasons Why Warehouse Inventory Control is Important for your Business

February 11th 2020 16:00:00 PM

Ideally, your inventory control system is going to optimize your inventory storage. It will ensure your business has inventory at the appropriate levels to fill orders. Ultimately, the purpose of inventory control is for your brand to keep “just enough” stock available to meet customer demand without having to tie up too much of the company’s cash flow or having a severe effect on customer satisfaction. Before you introduce a new system or upgrade the existing one, you’ll want to get some important questions answered.

Key Components To Controlling Inventory

When inventory control is working the way it should, it benefits your warehouse operation by reducing errors, limiting the number of write-offs, and streamlining the audit inventory process.

1. Ensures Inventory Counts are accurate.

Digital inventory control gives you accurate numbers that reflect the true figures of all stock on hand. The best way to ensure your numbers are correct is to use electronic input devices, such as barcode scanners, to track new inventory along with each item picked to fulfill an order. In this way, real-time inventory numbers will be accurate.

2. Reduces the Number of Inventory Write-offs

The inventory program will keep accurate records of stock levels inside the warehouse. You should have enough to keep current orders filled, along with some safety stock. Keeping customer satisfaction levels high is one of your most important goals, since customers who want to order products and who are kept waiting several times will often move on to another supplier. It can be a fine line between avoiding over-ordering and ensuring you aren’t keeping too much inventory in stock at any time. The right warehouse inventory control system will help to keep the right balance in place, so inventory write-offs are kept to a minimum.

 3. Saves Time During the Audit Inventory Process

The inventory control process makes completing an audit inventory much quicker and more efficient. If there are any issues in the warehouse, they become readily evident. You’ll want to determine whether any discrepancies are due to specific SKUs, can be traced to items on invoices or the shipping log, or another reason.

Scanco Warehouse Inventory Control Software Available in Multiple Options 

Scanco knows each warehouse operation runs differently. We take the time to find out about your operation so we can recommend a solution that will work best for you. The good news is that all our solutions are scalable. As your business grows, you can “scale up” with warehouse inventory control software, too. 

The Scanco Mobility (Counts) mobile app works with iOS and Android applications and will help you increase your inventory counting speed by up to 75%! It also allows for quick count reviews and freezing items on the fly. The app also allows for real-time updates and quick count reviews. 

Scanco Warehouse also runs on iOS and Android devices. It was built to give you control of your warehouse right out of the box. Warehouse allows you to run item inquiries, perform physical counts by item, inventory transfers, instant bin-to-bin moves, and more.

With its voice command capability, Scanco Warehouse will give the location, description, and desired quantity to your pickers. They don’t need to look down at a piece of paper or a device screen, which will slow down the process when filling orders. You also have the confidence of being able to track your inventory in bin locations in real-time.

Ready to take control of your inventory? Get a custom development plan that will work for your business by meeting with one of our inventory experts. Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 now to arrange an appointment.


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