3 Ways to Prepare Your Warehouse for Advanced Warehouse Management Technology

March 13th 2015 18:01:16 PM

Is Your Warehouse Ready for Advanced Warehouse Management?

Preparing your warehouse for new technology always involves a little extra time and effort. Gone are the days of simply downloading the software from a single disk and diving in to new capabilities. Today, if you want to get the full functionality out of your technology and avoid costly and time-consuming problems, you have to do a little preparation.

While we have tried our best to develop a product that can move you into advanced warehouse management technology quickly and effectively, there is still quite a bit of pre-work companies have to do on the back-end before we can go in an implement advanced technology. Here are three ways you can help your warehouse prepare for an advanced warehouse management technology implementation:

  1. Prepare the end user for the upcoming change through adequate discussion and training. Implementing advanced enterprise technology is exciting, but if your end users are not on board, it can be more than a headache. Prepare your end users for the impending change by hosting discussions about how advanced technology will benefit them. Set up training times to allow the users to get familiar with the new technology before it goes live. While they may still be hesitant about using the new solutions, adequate training and discussion will ensure a more seamless transition.
  2. Document your current processes and develop a plan for how your operations will look with the new technology.
    One of the biggest mistakes companies make when implementing new software is expecting the software to fix all of their problems automatically. In order for any new technology to work properly (and address the issues for which it is being implemented), you need to have a strategic plan for its use. Make sure you have thoroughly documented all of your current warehouse processes (including problems) and developed a strategic plan prior to implementing advanced technology. This will help you (and the software vendor) know how to best implement the technology and which features to utilize.
  3. Establish a partnership with a warehouse management expert.
    Who you choose to purchase your advanced enterprise solution from matters more than you think. This is more than a software exchange; it is the beginning of a partnership, and you need to think carefully about with whom you are willing to partner. Is this particular vendor an expert in the warehouse management field? Could they do your job? Do they understand how an advanced warehouse works and operates?
    Finding a warehouse management technology partner who truly understands how your warehouse operates is essential and knows the technology inside and out is essential. Here at Scanco, we take our partnerships seriously and only pair you with the best, most innovative technology. Our Sage 100 warehouse management solutions are designed from the ground up with the end user in mind.
    Contact us today to learn how we can get you set up with advanced enterprise technology that not only transforms your warehouse but strengthens your approach.


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