State of the Warehouse: The Need for Advanced Warehouse Management Functionality

March 6th 2015 14:38:05 PM

Every so often, we feel it is important to address the state of the warehouse as we see it. As a company working solely with manufacturers and distributors looking to improve their warehouse operations, we get a lot of opportunities to step into the warehouse and see real-life warehouse management in action. During these visits, we are not only pinpointing problem areas and offering solutions for individual customers; we are studying current warehouse environments to gain a holistic picture of the warehouse as it stands today.
Our discoveries during these visits have been crucial to our warehouse management technology developments. All of our latest products – from our Sage 100 mobile applications to our barcoding solutions – are the result of our time spent in warehouses across the country. Our ability to identify inefficiencies and shortcomings in today’s warehouses has led to some of the most innovative warehouse management products on the market. Up until now, however, our products never fully addressed the need for advanced and robust technology.

What is Robust Warehouse Management?

Before we can fully explore the need for more advanced and robust warehouse technology, you need to understand what qualifies as a robust solution. Robust warehouse technology is not the same as your basic, run of the mill system. A robust warehouse management system is designed to be sustainable in the warehouse (think rugged solutions) without interrupting current technology, and it contains a full spectrum of advanced warehouse functionality that allows for current and future growth.

Robust warehouse management solutions are needed when a manufacturer or distributor has outgrown their current warehouse management system and additional features can no longer be added on. They need a more robust – strong, sturdy, capable – solution to carry out their warehouse activities.

Why Would You Need Advanced Technology?

There’s a reason there are two different types of warehouse management solutions: neither are perfect fits for everyone. Where a smaller, more local distributor only needs the most basic warehouse management solution to get the job done, a larger, multi-location manufacturer and distributor needs a solution with more advanced technology to ensure the delivery of perfect orders each and every time. That’s where robust warehouse management solutions step into the picture.

If your company has found that it has outgrown the basic functionality of warehouse management software and add-on features are not helping, you should consider moving to an advanced warehouse management solution. These solutions are better fits for the more rugged warehouse environments and offer the automation you need to improve productivity and efficiency without having to sacrifice labor costs. Stay tuned to learn more about how we are addressing the need for more advanced technology.


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