5-Step Inventory Tracking System to Control Flow and Improve Efficiency

April 7th 2020 15:00:00 PM

Is dealing with inventory an ongoing issue for your business? Is controlling inventory flow and improving warehouse efficiency high on your list of priorities? These are common issues for many business owners and managers. If you don’t have a good plan for managing inventory as it moves in and out of the warehouse, then the chances of something falling through the cracks are much higher. The results are lower efficiency, higher stress for your entire team, more product returns, lower customer satisfaction rates, and more. Take control with an inventory tracking system and turn these issues around.

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5 Steps to Track Inventory and Improve Efficiency

  1. Say Goodbye to the Clipboard for Monitoring Inventory

    The days when you could hope to keep track of everything going on in the warehouse using pen and paper are finished. There is too much data that you and your team need to keep on top of daily. To manage the warehouse effectively for maximum inventory control and efficiency, automate inventory management. Barcode scanners can work much more quickly than trying to record data on a spreadsheet, and your inventory tracking software will update in real-time.

  2. Track Your Inventory Every Time It is Moved

    Your team’s new mantra when they come to work is now, “When the inventory moves, it must be tracked.” This means that when it arrives at the warehouse, it has to be logged into your system. If it is picked to go into an order, it gets recorded. If some inventory is shifted into a different bin or moved to a different warehouse, it gets logged. Any inventory that is being written off must be accounted for before it can be disposed of or donated to charity.

  3. Plan for Picking Orders in Advance

    Review upcoming orders before they need to be filled. That way, you will be able to assign your pickers to areas of the warehouse where they will be most effective for getting shipments out on time.

  4. Automatic Re-orders Once Inventory Drops to a Certain Level

    Your Warehouse Management System (WMS) should prepare an order automatically once the inventory in a particular bin falls below a set level. You’ll still need to consider whether the item is likely to do well during a particular selling period before confirming the amount of product and finalizing the order.

  5. Make Returns Management a Priority

    When your team is busy trying to get new orders out to waiting customers, processing returns may seem like a low priority. These items need to be unpacked and inspected carefully shortly after arriving at the warehouse to determine how they should be processed. Can they be returned to regular inventory for resale or should they be sent to the manufacturer for a refund? Staying on top of returns means it’s less likely you will be stuck with out-of-season merchandise that can’t be resold or a glut of items that should have been credited to you by the manufacturer.

Scanco has the Right Inventory Tracking System Solutions for Your Business

If you are a small business owner who is looking to switch from manually counting your inventory to an automated inventory tracking system, consider Scanco Mobility. It automates your cycle counting using barcode scanners, Android, or iOS handheld devices. This user-friendly app also allows you to view inventory pictures and freeze items on the fly.

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