Use Your Inventory Tracking System All the Time, Every Time

April 14th 2020 15:00:00 PM

Your inventory tracking system is much more than software you pull out annually to conduct warehouse-wide inventory. It’s a system that can help you keep tabs on your inventory throughout the warehouse, from receiving to shipment.

A Typical Warehouse Scenario 

It’s easy to get lazy tracking inventory. Many find themselves skipping the scan-out or scan-in when moving boxes to another shelf. Perhaps the move is just temporary and you’re cleaning or organizing inventory, so you don’t think twice about moving the item “just for a moment.” Then a coworker walks by and stops to ask a question and, before you know it, you’ve forgotten about that box of stuff you’ve shifted to the opposite shelf. The inventory system counts them as “still in stock” but a week later, when someone looks for them to fill an order, they can’t find them. With a shrug, the warehouse manager reorders the item, thinking it was just a mistake.

This is how companies lose money. Now you’ve got more inventory than you need or can access to fill orders. If this happens several times during the course of a year or with expensive items, you’ll soon find yourself losing money in the warehouse. 

Use the Inventory Management System Every Time 

An inventory management system should be used to scan items every time they’re moved. It takes just a second to swipe the scanner over the item’s barcode, scan the tag on the shelf, tap a few buttons on a screen, and done.

With that simple action, you’ve ensured your company keeps accurate track of its inventory. All items are accounted for and the shrinkage numbers aren’t inflated. People can find the products at a moment’s notice, and customers get their orders on time. 

Scanco Makes Inventory Tracking Easy

Scanco Mobility makes inventory tracking easier. It automates your cycle counting using barcode scanners, Android or iOS handheld devices. This user-friendly app also allows you to view inventory pictures and freeze items on the fly.

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