An Inventory Management Software System for Your Needs

February 20th 2020 16:00:00 PM

It doesn’t matter how big or small your manufacturing business—there’s an inventory management software system available to meet your needs. Scanco offers several that can help you improve warehouse management and inventory control.

  1. Scanco Mobility is a great inventory management software system for small and growing businesses. If you’re transitioning from manual stock counts and spreadsheets to automated inventory control, this is where you start. You can automate cycle counting and year-end physical counts using any Android or iOS-compatible device.
  2. Scanco Warehouse helps with warehouse distribution functions. One great feature is it can be used right out of the box to make locating and picking items much more efficient. It’s easy to use so teams can be trained quickly on all its functions and temp or seasonal workers can pick up on it quickly, too. 
  3. Scanco Enterprise is a warehouse management system that can handle more complex inventory tasks. It includes advanced scanning and shipping functions, along with warehouse reporting, auto updates, inventory adjustments, pallet tracking, messaging, and more. If you’re managing a large warehouse, multiple warehouses, or campuses, this is a good tool to manage complex systems.

Where should you begin when exploring a new inventory management software system? Begin with the end goal in mind: what problem do you need to solve in your warehouse? Then, examine the current systems you have in place to automate your business. Finding an inventory management software system that’s compatible with what you already have installed is a plus, but it may also be time to upgrade your ERP. 

Inventory management requires care and precision. Improve your accuracy and information with a new inventory management solution from Scanco. Scanco Mobility, Scanco Warehouse, and Scanco Enterprise all offer exceptional automation. 

To find out more about our inventory management software system solutions and how we can help you in your business, contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 now to schedule an appointment with a Scanco Solutions expert.


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