Web-Based Inventory Software One Way to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

February 25th 2020 16:00:00 PM

Your warehouse is an important part of the supply chain. For this reason, you want to ensure it is running as safely and efficiently as possible. No one sets out to deliberately make mistakes in business, but that doesn’t mean everyone automatically avoids all the potential pitfalls when managing a warehouse. When trying to keep track of orders coming in and going out and ensuring they reach the correct destination, it is entirely possible mistakes may be made. Failing to keep up with technology like web-based inventory software is one example. There are other mistakes you definitely want to steer clear of as well.

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Common and Costly Warehouse Mistakes to Avoid

1. Overlooking Strategies to Maximize Picking Paths

One of the most common warehousing mistakes is overlooking the need to plan the most efficient picking paths for team members. Failing to take this step will make picking a longer and more expensive process since you may have higher labor costs to get orders out the door in time to satisfy buyer demands. 

2. Not Making Dealing With Clutter a Priority 

The warehouse floor should be kept clear of debris and clutter. Make sure your employees are trained to dispose of shrink-wrap and other packing materials appropriately so they don’t cause a hazard to others who may be walking or operating equipment in the area. Any liquid that is spilled should be cleaned up right away so it does not create a slip-and-fall hazard 

3. Failing to Maximize Use of Available Space 

As your customer base develops, the space needs of your warehouse will likely change over time. If it is becoming difficult to find space for the items you need to store in the warehouse, it is time to verify you are using all available space efficiently. 

  • When was the last time the warehouse layout was reviewed according to the product mix?
  • Are half-pallets being stored in full-pallet bays?
  • Are bins being used so that they are being completely filled?
  • Do you have empty bins from discontinued items that could be reassigned to new ones? It is possible that with some reorganization, you will find extra space you did not realize you had on the warehouse floor. 

4. Rejecting Web-Based Inventory Software

A number of warehouses are still using the familiar method of pen and paper to keep track of their inventory. At first glance, updating their system to web-based inventory software may seem like an extra expense that is not necessary, but it can provide measurable benefits to the company. 

Web-based inventory software makes tracking your inventory in real-time easy and convenient. Once your cycle counting and the year-end count is automated, keeping accurate numbers for inventory is a given. Choose the hardware accessory that makes sense for your business to look up items and update counts in real-time.  

Scanco Offers Web-Based Inventory Software to Meet Your Needs 

Scanco knows your business isn’t exactly like anyone else’s company. We listen to your needs carefully so we can suggest the solution that will be the best fit for your needs. The good news is that our web-based inventory software solutions are scalable, so they can grow with your business. You won’t be stuck with something which works for “right now” but can’t keep up with your business as it expands. 

With web-based software, you don’t have to upload patches to ensure you have the latest version. You will always be up to date and ready to go! 

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