Attention Android Users: Sage 100 Warehouse Management is for You!

February 24th 2015 16:50:08 PM

Did you know our Sage 100 mobile applications are available on Android devices?

As we discussed earlier this week, mobile warehouse management is the next big thing in warehouse management technology. In fact, many manufacturers and distributors are already using mobile technology to streamline operations, save on hardware costs, and increase efficiency both in and outside of the warehouse. The convenience of mobile devices has made warehouse management easier, allowing companies to increase visibility into their operations and – in turn – provide their customers with a better experience.

Many of our customers have made the switch to mobile warehouse management and are already reaping the many benefits of managing their warehouses from their tablets and phones. Many more are still interested in making the switch; however, due to misinformation or confusion, they have placed their decisions on hold. If you are interested in making the switch to mobile but are unsure if our mobile applications are compatible with the mobile devices you currently own, let us offer you some reassurance.
Many are unaware that our Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software) mobile applications are compatible on Android devices in addition to iOS and Windows. That means you don’t have to be an Apple user to take advantage of our mobile products. The same technology that is accessible on an iPad or iPhone is available on your Android device.

Why take advantage of our mobile Sage 100 Warehouse Management products?

Scanco’s Sage 100 mobile products are designed to offer you the convenience you need to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. Using your Android mobile device, you can:

  • Check inventory levels
  • Increase ship time
  • Decrease errors made into your ERP system
  • Track your inventory as it moves throughout the warehouse
  • Perform physical inventory counts
  • Scan barcodes
  • Print barcodes and shipping labels
  • Seamlessly integrate to Sage 100 ERP
  • And more!

Interested in learning more about our Android-compatible mobile apps? Contact our Sage 100 ERP experts today.


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