A Quick Guide to Training Android Users on Sage 100 Warehouse Management Apps

February 20th 2015 20:03:11 PM

Are your employees hesitant to move to a more mobile platform? Are long-time workers having difficulty learning the new software and technology? If you have recently moved (or are thinking of moving) from an on-premise solution to a mobile warehouse management solution, you should expect to run into a little resistance at the beginning. Even the most technologically-trendy employee will be a little hesitant to switch to a new solution. However, with the right information and training, your employees will soon embrace the new solution and begin to reap the benefits of going mobile.
Because moving to a new software platform can be overwhelming, we decided to create a quick guide for all of our Android users planning to use our Sage 100 warehouse management apps. While each Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software) app is created for a different purpose, the usage and setup of the applications are fairly straightforward. Designed to be compatible with all Android devices, our Sage 100 mobile apps provide the same customization and ease of use that is inherent to Android.
Here’s a quick guide to helping your users get up and running as quickly as possible:

  1. Make sure each user is set up on an Android phone or tablet and knows how to use the device.
  2. Download and install the Sage 100 mobile application onto the device.
  3. Install any add-on hardware and/or software (such as barcode scanners).
  4. Dedicate a day or two to software training. This will give you time to work out any kinks, allow employees to ask questions, and prepare everyone for go-live. Our warehouse management experts can even come on-site to show you how to best utilize the application.
  5. Grant each user access to Scanco University for on-going training.
  6. Use the app, and watch your warehouse transform!

Looking for more tips and tricks to get your Sage 100 warehouse management apps up and running properly? Ask use about Scanco University, our online training resource designed to help train you on our Sage 100 mobile applications. Included in the price of your software, Scanco University can offer you the hands-on training you need to master warehouse management directly from your Android device.


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