Automate Your Production Inventory System to Enhance Efficiency

November 27th 2019 16:00:00 PM

A production inventory system helps you track the raw materials needed for production. By keeping optimal levels of raw goods in the warehouse, you’ll be able to manufacture items for customer orders without undue delays.

With an automated production inventory system, handheld devices become barcode scanners. Smartphones and tablets fitted with apps use the device’s scanner and camera to easily swipe barcodes and feed data into the ERP system. The result is an accurate count and a production inventory system that takes just minutes to learn for new employees.

Yet, some companies continue to use spreadsheets and manual stock counts to update their inventory levels. If your company is in that category, it’s time to automate your production inventory system to enhance efficiency.

3 Reasons to Automate a Production Inventory System

  1. Saves time: Shutting down the warehouse and using the old-fashioned two person counting system with spreadsheets is time-consuming. Automated production inventory systems use barcode scanners to swipe codes and update the system almost instantly. It saves a huge amount of time.
  2. Improve accuracy: The old-fashioned two-person inventory method is prone to mistakes. These mistakes are compounded by common keying errors as manual counts are typed into spreadsheets. barcode scanners and automated production inventory systems eliminate two places where mistakes are common to improve the accuracy of your inventory counts.
  3. Enhances efficiency: Data from the production inventory system can be used to review how long it takes for orders to move from the office to the warehouse and for raw materials to move to the manufacturing plant. Once you have these figures, you can take steps to shave time off each part of the journey to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operation.

Scanco makes two excellent tools to help automate a production inventory system.

Scanco Manufacturing 100 increases efficiency in your manufacturing business. It allows employees to scan items into and out of inventory.

Scanco Multi-Bin for Manufacturing is available as an add-on to Sage 100 Manufacturing. Multi-Bin gives you the advantage of real-time inventory allocations. Reserve or allocate raw materials directly from the time of arrival at your facility through the manufacturing process to shipping and invoicing.

Ready to explore a production inventory system? Please contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to set up an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert.


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