Why Inventory ERP Software Is a Must for 2020

December 3rd 2019 16:00:00 PM

Are you considering adding inventory ERP software to your business in 2020 but aren’t certain it’s right for your company? Before you commit to any tool, it’s important to understand why it will benefit your business. Many companies find ERP gives them an edge over their competition they wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise. Once you have a chance to discover the benefits of this powerful option, you’ll discover how it can help your business improve analytics and reporting, inventory tracking, increase efficiency, and more.

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 ERP Defined

 What exactly is ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a specific type of management software used by businesses of all sizes. It is used to manage their daily business activities, which include inventory, order management, accounting, supply chain management and human resources. The ERP system allows data to flow freely between these business processes, eliminating data duplication.

Why Inventory ERP Software is a Great Addition to your Business for 2020 

ERP software allows all data to be stored in one database. All departments can access it for information purposes and when making decisions. Listed below are reasons why ERP inventory software should be on your list of things to add to your business in 2020.

  1. Improved Analytics and Reporting
    When your team can access a central database, they can get the information they need for reports and decision-making quickly and easily. There isn’t any down time waiting for someone in a particular department to access the data, analyze it, and prepare a report when it’s needed. Anyone with the necessary permission can get the data as required.
  2. Allows for Inventory Tracking by Category
    With an ERP inventory management system, you have the option of tracking the inventory turnover in sections, as opposed to overall. The inventory can be categorized in different ways, allowing you to track whether certain types of inventory are turning over more rapidly than others. Based on this data, you may decide to buy some items in larger quantities to avoid running out of stock.
  3. Better Inventory Monitoring in Multiple Locations
    Keeping track of inventory levels across two (or more) locations can prove challenging. An inventory ERP software system gives you the capability of taking business expansion in stride. You can scale up as needed and track inventory wherever the items are located easily, whether they are at another warehouse, in transit between locations, or have been shipped to fill orders.

  4. More Efficient Inventory Replenishment
    Inventory levels must be accurate so when the signal is received that they must be replenished, orders can be made most beneficially for the company. When you have confidence in your data, you can buy in bulk when it makes sense to take advantage of lower prices from a supplier or decide to buy enough inventory for an entire season.

Scanco Sage ERP Solutions the Right Fit for Your Business in 2020 

At Scanco, we know your distribution business isn’t exactly like anyone else’s out there. For that reason, we offer more than one Sage ERP solution.

If your main goal is to automate your cycle counting and year-end physical count, Scanco Mobility App for Sage 100 and 100 users does away with the need for paper counting and data entry. This option works with several hardware accessories and will increase counting speeds by up to 75%.

Scanco Warehouse 100 will automate warehouse transactions. It runs on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Features like inventory transfers, physical count by item and by bin, and voice prompts are included. Scanco Warehouse 100 is structured to grow with your business.

Scanco Warehouse Management gives you the advanced tracking and syncing features you need for all your inventory, picking, shipping, and management needs in one package.

To learn more about how Scanco’s Solutions Experts will work with you to recommend a custom option for your business for 2020, contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to set up your appointment for a consultation.


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