Confused About Your Supply Chain Software Solution? Ask a New Hire for Help

July 3rd 2019 15:00:00 PM


Are you confused about how to use your supply chain software solution? Have questions about the digital terminology rampant in news articles today?

Then consider “reverse mentoring,” a new term that taps into the knowledge of the younger generation to assist the experienced workers with learning new technology.

How Reverse Mentoring Works

As the name suggests, reverse mentoring works by asking a younger team member to mentor a seasoned worker in areas where the seasoned worker may have knowledge gaps. For example, although senior team members may know a lot more about how to manage the supply chain, they may not be as comfortable working with the scanners on their smartphones as younger members.

A supply chain software solution such as Scanco Mobile Apps offers an easy-to-use method of managing inventory and distribution information but may not be as intuitive for seasoned workers to use. Reverse mentoring can help older workers grow more confident in their use of smartphones while younger folks learn more about the distribution and manufacturing industry.

Reciprocal Mentoring

Consider mentoring a reciprocal arrangement. Senior staff members, who can remember a time before computers and smartphones dominated the world, understand more about managing people and processes than youngsters fresh out of school. Yet young people do have a lot to teach senior team members about technology and fresh ways of working.

Pairing up newcomers to the company with members who have plenty of knowledge and experience to share can help both people grow. When a mentoring relationship offers reciprocal knowledge and support, everyone benefits.

Learning supply chain management isn’t easy. With a mentoring relationship, you’ll help your company ensure continuity as information is passed from one generation to the next.

Scanco Mobile Apps: a Portable Supply Chain Software Solution

Scanco Mobile Apps offers portable supply chain software solutions that work well with Sage-based products. Scanco Mobility offers a way to automate cycle counts and end of year inventory counts. These apps stream data directly into Sage-based systems so that ERP automatically updates with the latest warehouse counts. Talk about convenient!

If you’re used to paper-based inventory methods, you’re going to be amazed at Scanco Mobility. To find out more, contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to arrange your personal consultation with a Scanco Solutions Expert.


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