When Implementing Your Supply Chain Software Solution, Don’t Miss This Crucial Step

July 2nd 2019 15:00:00 PM

The world of work has changed. It’s no longer an environment where knowledge flows down an established chain of command. Now, younger people in the workplace have a familiarity and comfort level with technology that is missing from the previous generation. When introducing a supply chain software solution into your business, you want to find a way to deal with the skills gap from mature workers while keeping younger team members engaged. Reverse mentoring is an excellent way to accomplish both goals.

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How Reverse Mentoring Works

The generation that is entering today’s workforce is well acquainted with digital technology. They grew up with it as something normal and natural. It certainly wasn’t anything to be intimidated by, which meant that they didn’t see learning about it and what it could do as anything out of the ordinary.

Older workers, who can remember when the pen (or pencil) and paper were the way to keep track of everything may find going digital more challenging. That doesn’t mean they can’t adapt to a better way of doing things or that they don’t want to learn the new technology. When trying to implement change, the right method can help to make the transition run more smoothly.

A reverse mentoring program allows younger employees to share their knowledge about using new technology and social media with more experienced workers. You can set it up so that younger workers can be matched with anyone in your organization who could benefit from learning about new technology on a one-on-one basis. The participants would spend some time together on a regular basis to discuss technology as well as learn about each other’s role in the company.

Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

What’s the payoff for your business when you set aside time for workers from different generations to spend time with each other to talk about technology?

A couple of things will happen. Younger employees experience increased self-esteem from helping others and potentially become more invested in the company. Mature workers gain from having new technology explained to them individually. They are free to ask anything they wish, without feeling awkward.

As the mentor and the mentee spend time together, another subtle benefit may also start to occur. The younger employee will start to learn from the mature worker, too. Someone who has been working in the logistics field for several years no doubt has stories to tell about how things used to be. They can also give younger workers tips and hints about handling stress at work, dealing with conflicts with coworkers and managers, and the importance of a positive attitude.

Find the Right Supply Chain Software Solution for Your Business From Scanco

At Scanco, we understand that your business isn’t exactly like any other. We work with manufacturers and distributors on a regular basis, and we can give you the supply chain software solution that is going to be the right fit for you. No matter how long you’ve been in business, we can give you a solution that will benefit you today as well as benefit your company going forward.

Scanco Mobility supply chain mobile apps give everyone on your team the tools they need to work together to achieve the company’s goals. They are powerful enough to increase productivity and efficiency while being very user-friendly.

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