Demand for Large Warehouses and Quality Inventory Tracking Systems Will Continue, Led by E-commerce

March 12th 2020 15:00:00 PM

E-commerce companies were all over the news in 2019. They dominated numerous stories, with many of them focused on rising sales figures. The jump in orders for products forced e-commerce companies to move their operations to larger warehouses to keep up with customer demand. Bigger floor space and quality inventory tracking systems go hand in hand. At this operating level, it is imperative that inventory control run smoothly and efficiently.

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E-commerce and Logistics Companies Represent the Majority of Warehouse Leases

According to a research paper prepared by CBRE entitled Dealmakers: E-Commerce & Logistics Firms Drive Demand for Large Warehouses in 2019, e-commerce companies and logistics firms made up just over half (54%) of the 100 largest warehouse leases by square footage (2019). The warehouse spaces range from 598,000-2.5 million square feet. 

The report findings were that e-commerce companies had 34 of the largest leases, followed by 3PL/logistics companies at 20 leases, and wholesalers at 18 leases. Food and beverage companies accounted for 13 leases, manufacturers had 11, and healthcare/medical companies had three leases. The remaining lease is listed as “Other.” In total, the top 100 leases represent 88.7 million square feet under a lease. 

As expected, major players in the e-commerce market, like Amazon, were very active in expanding their share of warehouse space. Traditional retailers also increased their warehouse space. Their goal was to take advantage of the online shopping boom by offering customers several options they could choose from. 

Inventory Tracking System for Growing Your Business

If you are receiving orders by the pallet, or your warehouse is not fully automated, or it takes too long (in your view) to get your inventory from the receiving area to stock, then it is time to consider an inventory tracking system. As your business continues to grow, these kinds of headaches will only get bigger. 

As you can see from the statistics listed above, e-commerce is driving the demand for a large warehouse space. This way of doing business is not likely to go away. Customers are going to continue to expect to receive their orders quickly and they will likely have little patience if items are out of stock or otherwise unavailable. It becomes more important than ever to have a system in place that will give you the data you need to make informed choices. 

Scanco Enterprise Inventory Tracking System for Your Bustling Warehouse

Scanco Enterprise is an inventory tracking system that gives you the ability to manage all your needs. The software integrates with Sage 100/100c, plus your managers can message your other team members to advise them when a rush order comes in or when direct orders need to be processed. Peer-to-peer messaging is also available so your team members can communicate directly with each other.

Fast shipping is a priority, and Scanco Enterprise doesn’t disappoint in this area either. The wave/order picking feature directs your team members through the warehouse by bin location. The directed shipping makes picking for multiple orders more efficient by guiding your team members through the warehouse one time by bin location for all items. Overall efficiency increases and your team members save steps in the warehouse.

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