Do You Have What it Takes to Create Quality Warehouse Management Products?

January 20th 2015 20:37:44 PM

Currently Seeking: Sage 100 Warehouse Management Partners

As we discussed last week, our business plan consists of building long-lasting, quality relationships with our customers, partners, and industry peers. These people not only have the insight we need to build innovative products, but they also have the drive and passion to keep us going. Their needs launch our plans into action, providing us with a sense of purpose and renewed commitment to make warehouse management easier for all involved.

Because we place such a high importance on relationships, we are constantly seeking out new people and companies with which to partner. We do not believe that we have all the answers to warehouse management (we would be foolish to think so). We know that other companies have worked for just as long as us to arrive at quality solutions for unique warehouse management problems. We do believe, however, that with some camaraderie and partnership, together we can create high-efficiency warehouses for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Why Enter into Partnership with Other Software Companies?

You may be wondering why you would want to enter into partnership with other software companies in the first place. After all, doesn’t the concept infringe on business competition? Won’t the other companies do everything they can to steal your current and prospective customers?

In a bad partnership, yes. In a mutually beneficial partnership, no.
Here’s how we know:

When we first began to partner with other companies, we had one goal in mind: to provide our customers with a holistic solution to their warehouse management problems. We know barcodes and automation. In fact, we’re really good at barcodes and warehouse automation. What we don’t know quite as well, however, is EDI. It’s not our expertise, and we’ve never sought out for it to be our expertise.

After performing several software installs for our customers, however, we began to see a growing need for a capable EDI solution that could integrate with both our products and Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 / MAS 200). We did some research and talked to a few of our customers who already had an existing EDI solution in place. After looking at several companies and software solutions, we came across MAPADOC. MAPADOC was the perfect solution for our customers as it is not only designed for Sage 100 ERP (and other Sage products), but it is also scalable, allowing users to start at any point and add functionality as they need it.

After referring many of our customers to MAPADOC for their EDI needs, we sat down with MAPADOC to discuss how we can better streamline the process and make it easier for our customers to obtain the EDI functionality they need. What we came up with was a unique partnership of two very different companies for the singular goal of provide high-quality business products. Now MAPADOC’s products are compatible with Sage 100 ERP and Scanco products, giving our customers peace of mind knowing all their software is perfectly aligned (as it should be).

Industry Change Requires Renewed Focus

We all are a bit shortsighted at times. We only see part of the picture when we should be looking at the whole. That’s what makes business partnerships so vital. Through our partnerships with companies like MAPADOC, we have been able to pair our customers with a need we didn’t even have on our radar.

And it’s made our customers’ companies so much better because of it.

If you have a product or offer a service you think our customers could be missing, contact us today. Our desire in this New Year is to hit the ground running with innovative solutions for all of our customers’ needs. You never know – you may have just the ingredient we are missing to deliver the best warehouse management experience yet.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


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