Two is Better than One: Our Sage 100 Partnership Story

January 14th 2015 18:32:10 PM

From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to be different. When Scanco emerged onto the warehouse management scene over 25 years ago, we wanted to go where no warehouse management company had gone. From automating key warehouse management tasks to releasing cutting-edge technology to simplify complicated processes, we’ve been in the pioneering business from the start. We’ve reached many accomplishments and received many accolades along the way; however, much of our success cannot be credited to us alone.

We’ve always known that the most successful businesses are built on two things: quality products/services and relationships. Without these two vital ingredients, no business can succeed. Even the most solid business plans will unravel at the first sign of unsatisfactory relationships with partners and customers. Add in quality relationships and mutual respect, however, and you have a recipe for lasting success.

At least, that’s what we believe, and it seems to be working for us.

Why Sage Software?
While we receive many questions from prospective customers about our products, the most common question we are asked is why we have chosen to partner with Sage Software for so many years. For starters, we believe in Sage Software’s mission to partner small and mid-sized companies with quality products designed to help them reach their full business potential. We also believe that Sage is an expert at what they do: business software. They have been key players in the software game for a while now, and they’ve learned a thing or two about what makes great business software great.

When we first partnered with Sage Software, we wanted to join ourselves to a quality brand with which people were familiar. At the time, MAS 90 and MAS 200 software (now known as Sage 100 ERP) had already made a name for itself and was doing well in the business software market. Many manufacturers and distributors were already using MAS 90 ERP and MAS 200 ERP to handle the accounting side of the business, so we thought, “Why not pair our warehouse management technology with software they already have?”

So we did.

From Barcodes to a Whole Line of Sage 100 Warehouse Management Software
Scanco really began from a dream to use barcodes to make people’s lives easier. In 1989, Mr. Heim, Scanco’s founder, gazed upon the white and black lines now widely-known as barcodes and asked himself how we could use those lines to simplify warehouse management. By 1990, he had designed his first application that could “barcode anything for a buck”. When integrated with a company’s existing ERP system, the Batch Master brought organization and order to many out-of-control warehouse situations.

Mr. Heim didn’t stop there. Knowing that he could further specialize his product to provide better quality and performance for his customers, he sought an OEM agreement with Sage. This partnership eventually blossomed into the successful partnership that it is today. Now when you see Scanco’s products, you know that they are of the same quality and expertise as the Sage products you have grown to know, love and use in your everyday business activities.

Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software) so you never have to worry about incompatibility or lengthy installs. In fact, our newest Sage 100 mobile applications automatically sync with Sage 100 ERP from any iOS, Android or Windows device, providing you with the flexibility you need to keep your business running smoothly from wherever you happen to be located. From the start, that was our aim: to provide you with innovative products that could connect to your existing software so you can begin to realize improvements instantly.

Through our long-term partnership with Sage, we’d say we’ve accomplished all that and more.

To find out more about our Sage 100 warehouse management products or to hear more about our partnership with Sage software, contact one of our warehouse management experts today.


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