5 Ways a Mobile Sales App Can Improve Your Business

November 10th 2020 16:00:00 PM

Are you sending your sales representatives out into the field for sales calls on previously qualified leads or to talk to prospective customers? Previously, sales representatives who spend a good deal of time out of the office had to keep track of their own appointments, plan their route manually, collect information from customers, and keep track of documents. During the sales cycle, they would likely have to carry documents back and forth to the customer’s location to be updated before the customer was ready to sign them.

This process was often time-consuming and there was every possibility that a customer would ask to reschedule a meeting. Some sales representatives, especially those who were paid partially or wholly on commission, would not be willing to wait for compensation if the sales cycle stretched on too long. Mobile sales apps offer several advantages, including helping to shorten this cycle and making sales representatives more efficient.

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How a Mobile Sales App Can Improve Your Business

Giving a mobile app to your sales force can help them stay more focused and become more efficient. It also gives them valuable information about your customers (new and existing), which creates more opportunities for closing leads.

Scanco’s Mobile Sales App Has the Features Your Team Needs for Success

  1. Sales reps can access customers’ information quickly and easily.

    When a customer reaches out to a sales rep, the customer doesn’t have to wait for the rep to stop to pull up the customer’s profile on a desktop computer or a tablet. All the relevant information is conveniently stored on the mobile sales app. The sales representative can take a few moments to familiarize themselves with the customer’s account information, previous orders, current order status, and more. All of this information makes it much easier for the sales representative to answer questions and deal with any concerns the customer may have.

  2. Sales representatives can meet with customers anywhere.

    With a mobile sales app, a sales representative does not necessarily have to prepare a formal presentation complete with bulky display items for a new customer. The sales rep and the customer can meet anywhere the customer chooses. The meeting becomes less about “selling” to the customer and more about finding out about what the customer’s specific needs are and whether the sales rep can offer products that can meet them.

  3. Sales reps can show customers what their company has to offer.

    A sales representative can show an interested customer exactly which products may fit their needs. The customer can see an image and get a picture in their mind of exactly what they will receive by doing business with the sales rep. The sales app will also show pricing and whether the item is sold in single lots or if the customer must place an order for a minimum number every time the item is ordered.

  4. A mobile sales app makes it easy to check product availability. 

    Previously, a salesperson would take an order from a customer. Then they would have to go back to their office and submit it for processing before the sales rep would be notified if some (or all) of the items on the order were out of stock. If anything was out of stock, it would be up to the sales rep to find out when the items would be available, by making phone calls or sending e-mails to the warehouse. The salesperson might have to wait for a response before contacting the customer before notifying them of the situation.

    With a mobile sales app, the sales representative can check item availability on the spot. The customer will know whether the items they wish to order are available during a sales call. The question of availability might be enough to persuade a customer who is sitting on the fence to make a buying decision immediately as opposed to waiting for the next visit from the sales rep.

  5. The mobile app makes it easy to prepare and submit invoices immediately.

    Closing orders is only part of the sales cycle. It’s also important to submit invoices promptly for payment. Depending on your company’s accounting practices, if you were to wait to bill your customers for sales made during the month, you could wait up to 30 days to send out invoices.

    Then your customers could take another 30 days or more to pay the invoice. This can add up to one big cash flow crunch in a hurry, and it’s something you definitely want to avoid as much as possible. With a mobile sales app, your sales team can prepare invoices and send them to your customers on the spot by email. The customer can forward it to their accounting department for processing immediately. You’ll get paid faster, which greatly impacts your bottom line.

Scanco Sales is a mobile sales app that gives your field representatives the capability to automate sales quotes and order entry. It works with any iOS or Android device.

  • Creating New Sales Orders

The app gives your team the convenience of confirming the customer’s name, billing information and shipping address (if different from the billing address), and more. It also includes a Signature field which allows the customer to sign the sales order.

  • Real-time Inventory Information

Scanco Sales connects with Sage 100 so your team can search your warehouse for inventory availability before the customer places the order. The app’s “auto sync” function ensures that captured and stored information and orders are not lost, even when cellular or WiFi service is interrupted or unavailable.

  • Choose Billing and Shipping Terms

New customers will probably not be given the same flexibility around payment as long-term ones. The following Terms Codes are available: No Terms; Net 30 Days; 2% Ten Days, Net 30 Days; and C.O.D. Several Shipping Methods are also available through the app, such as US Postal Service; Rate x Weight; Flat Rate; and UPS Next Day (Air).

  • Email and Print Functions

Scanco Sales allows your representative to confirm the order with the customer quickly and easily. Depending on the customer’s preference, the sales rep can insert the order as an attachment and send it electronically. It can also display the order on screen and allow the rep to choose a printer and the number of copies to produce.

  • Open Invoices

Your sales rep can tell at a glance before making a sales call whether a customer has open invoices, how many are open, and the date range of the open invoices. This information gives your field rep an opening to ask the customer if there is an issue that needs to be addressed before asking about placing any new orders.

  • Proof of Delivery

Does your sales representative want to confirm that an order has been received by the customer? It’s all in the app. The date the order was received, along with the shipping method. This important information can be accessed with ease.

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