How to Save Money When Upgrading to the Cloud

October 23rd 2014 13:44:35 PM

Oh technology. The bane of many companies’ existence. Whether you love it or hate technology, the reality of you having to deal with technology on a daily basis is extremely high. You use your smartphone on your way to work to discuss an important business deal. You use your warehouse management software to map out the upcoming week and navigate the challenges that lie ahead. You even use technology to track your time throughout the day!

The truth is, technology plays an integral role in our daily lives, particularly if we work in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Just imagine – for a minute – going back to the days of doing everything with pen and paper. Feeling overwhelmed? We bet!

Technology has transformed the warehouse as we know it, and, as far as we can see, that’s a good thing. It’s made it easier to plan and prepare for unexpected events, simplified the tracking of products and packages throughout the warehouse, and even allowed management to have instant visibility into the inner workings of the warehouse.

As technology continues to transform, however, many companies are skimping back on technology purchases, choosing to rely on outdated software and hardware rather than invest in new technology. While the reasons vary from company to company, the main reason cited for delaying investment in new warehouse management technology is cost. Moving your software to the Cloud can be pricy if you don’t plan ahead or know what you are doing. In order to help you experience the most cost-savings possible when upgrading your warehouse management software to the Cloud, we’ve created a list of tips designed to guide you through a smooth (and cost-effective) Cloud-based software implementation.

  1. Use hardware you already own. One of the most exciting things about Cloud technology is that it can be used anywhere on practically any device with connection to the internet. Many of our clients have been able to combine a variety of hardware they already own to make our Cloud-based warehouse management applications work for them. This has helped them save on hardware costs and reduced the time and money spent on training employees on new hardware. We’d say that’s a win-win for everyone involved.
  2. Partner with a technology company who knows what they are doing. The right or wrong partner can make or break your upgrade experience (not to mention reduce or expand your technology costs). Make sure the company you use to upgrade your warehouse management software understands the technology they are implementing, as well as your company’s goals and desires for the technology. For more information about choosing the right technology partner, click here.
  3. Consider using eLearning methods for training employees on the new software. One of the most expensive parts of any new technology investment (after the hardware costs) is training. Training your team on new software and hardware takes precious time away from the workday and – depending on the complication of the technology and the length of time it takes to adequately train your employees – could impact your profitability. Online training (or eLearning) can help reduce the cost and time of training, as well as simplify the training process for your employees. eLearning methods allow your employees to learn the new software at their own pace so they can master new technology with ease.
  4. Choose the right application. Moving to the Cloud is a big decision, and the application you choose should be the right fit for your company. By making sure the software is compatible with your current technology, you will save costs right away and prevent the headache of having to upgrade or change your existing software. Our Sage 100 warehouse management applications are specifically designed to integrate your ERP system seamlessly with the Cloud, giving you the flexibility and tools you need to manage your modern day warehouse.

Have any more questions about saving money during a Cloud upgrade? Contact us today!


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