Improve Your Warehouse Management with the Right Data

June 14th 2016 15:00:33 PM

As we discussed in our last blog, a warehouse management and automation solution can provide tremendous benefits to your operations. One of those benefits was better inventory and shipping data. Comprehensive and accurate warehouse data can be the deciding factor in the success of your warehouse operations.Nothing is more frustrating than promising a customer a product and finding out it’s out of stock … all because your inventory data is flawed or out of date. Worse still is telling a customer you’re out of stock on something when in fact you have plenty of it. Is it any wonder that having better inventory data is a top goal for all warehouse managers?

Accurate, timely, business data is critical to all departments in your organization, but perhaps it is most critical to the inventory and fulfillment centers. Without accurate data, they can’t fulfill customer orders quickly. They may erroneously report information to sales or manufacturing. These errors can multiply, causing cost overruns, duplicate stock, and excess warehouse space taken up with redundant products.

Better Data Leads to Faster Shipping Times

Consider your company’s data needs when it comes to shipping times. Integrated systems that can share ordering, warehouse and fulfillment data can provide an accurate picture of possible shipping times. Customers rely upon this information to predict their own business needs. Without reliable data, many links in the chain of information can be broken.

Reliable Information and Happy Customers

Another benefit of warehouse automation systems is the creation of greater reliability and happy customers. Reliable, timely data enables your staff to answer questions quickly and efficiently. When customers hear back immediately from your team, their customer satisfaction improves. The higher the satisfaction level, the more likely customers are to stay with your company and not take their business elsewhere.

Scanco offers a suite of products that can improve inventory information and seamlessly send it to your business systems, so everyone benefits from greater data reliability. Contact us to discuss ways to improve data in your warehouse.


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