Warehouse Management and Automation Protect Profitability

June 9th 2016 15:00:21 PM

Mistakes in the warehouse take a toll on your company’s profitability. Perhaps you just got a call from a customer who received the wrong product. Or you paid for a product that you never received. Have you had to deal with theft in your warehouse? It’s painful to even think about, but it is a reality for warehouse managers around the world. All of these things hurt the bottom line.

A good warehouse management and automation system may not be able to stop temporary employees from helping themselves to a shipment or two, but it can provide you with accurate, real-time data that can make spotting losses faster and easier. More importantly, it can provide you with other information such as scheduling, packaging tracking and more to help you run this aspect of your business more efficiently.

Three Benefits of Warehouse Management and Automation

There are many reasons why your company can benefit from a warehouse management and automation solution. These three offer some of the most common reasons why companies implement such systems.

#1: Better Inventory and Shipping Data
It’s hard to improve on systems when you can’t pinpoint the gaps. Warehouse data collection systems can improve your access to inventory and shipping data so that you can spot problem areas and develop solutions. If there’s a bottleneck, you can find it. If there’s a delay, you can investigate it. With a good warehouse management system in place, this information becomes much easier to obtain and you can act more quickly on it.

#2: Improved Customer Service
Customers don’t want to hear “I don’t know” when they ask where their shipments are. When you have a warehouse management system in place, you can answer confidently when they ask where their shipments are in the process. You can track shipments and packages, provide more accurate arrival dates, and help your customers manage their inventory, too. It’s improved communications that leads to better customer service.

#3:  Greater Competitive Advantage
Companies with better warehouse management offer customers something extra in their service package. That competitive advantage should not be underestimated. Sometimes it’s one of only a handful of things that set you apart from your competitors. Whatever you can offer to win business, you should. With warehouse management and automation solutions, you can remain highly competitive and offer your customer better shipping and delivery information. It may seem like a small thing compared to other factors, but it could be the deciding factor with an important customer.

Warehouse management solutions offer manufacturers an unparalleled package of solutions. These include warehouse management, automated data collection, business intelligence, scheduling, package delivery information and more.

When each of these components feeds into your enterprise resource planning system, you can glean deeper insights into the performance of your entire warehouse and shipping operation. Boost productivity, shorten order times, and reduce costs.

Sage 100 Warehouse Management Solution

If you are looking for a Sage 100 warehouse management solution, take a look at Scanco Warehouse. This barcoding and software solution will help you protect your company profitability. You can provide customers with accurate inventory levels, increase ship time and decrease errors. With seamless integration to Sage 100, this warehouse management solution offers benefits for the entire company from accounting to sales to operations.

With Scanco Warehouse, you receive a powerful combination of barcode scanning hardware and inventory management software.

  • Mix and match handheld barcoding hardware that runs on IOS, Android and Windows
  • Cloud based or local configuration
  • Live validation with real time connection to Sage 100
  • Automated bin locations and inventory tracking
  • Advanced shipping and more!

Contact us today to learn how Scanco Warehouse can improve your bottom line.


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