Improving Inventory Management with Scanco Warehouse

February 25th 2016 16:00:37 PM

inventory managementManaging your inventory well is one of the most important means for success for distribution and manufacturing companies. Utilizing a warehouse management system integrated with your ERP can lead to valuable time and cost savings. With Scanco warehouse management and automation systems, you can improve inventory management through control, planning, and optimization.

Scanco Warehouse can give you control over your physical inventory.

Physical inventory control is all about receiving, moving, stocking, and shipping inventory. Scanco Warehouse improves physical inventory control with automated barcode systems to track inventory from its arrival to its shipment. Because data collection is automated, you are ensured accurate and timely inventory data that is essential for success. Scanco Counts works with Scanco Warehouse to automate your cycle counting and year-end physical count eliminating the need for paper counting and data entry. Scanco Counts includes item inquiry to give your users a real time view of inventory levels at any given moment.

Inventory planning is better with accurate data.

Effective inventory planning requires avoiding stock-outs and lost sales in addition to avoiding the trap of working capital in overages of pricey stock. Another aspect involves purchasing new inventory based on customer demand. Accurate inventory data is essential. With proven barcoding solutions to track inventory, and real-time integration to Sage 100, Scanco Warehouse provides information that is relevant to sales, finance, purchasing, production, and shipping/receiving.

Integrated, real time data enables inventory optimization.

Data and system integration is key to successful inventory optimization. Frequent occurrences of stock-outs and stock overages indicate inventory levels that lack optimization. Thanks to enterprise software, like Sage 100, inventory can be optimized by calculating where and when inventory should be deployed to fulfill predetermined objectives. By better classifying stocking levels according to past demand and improving demand forecasting for future use, these systems greatly assist in optimizing inventory.
These processes come together to make up the important inventory cycle. Success hinges on accurate inventory data that is integrated with enterprise resource planning systems.
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