Warehouse Management that Fosters Growth

February 23rd 2016 16:00:01 PM

Are the challenges you face in managing the warehouse overwhelming? Internal pressures to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability are difficult enough. Added pressures from economic issues and global markets, that are transforming processes and demands, make it even harder to achieve success. However, it is possible to have a streamlined, real-time, and integrated system that leads to improved profitability and performance. In fact, with the right warehouse management system, it is possible to grow revenue by being more responsive to changing customer and market needs.

Scanco’s warehouse management and automation helps your business thrive

Scanco’s warehouse management system can provide the functionality and integration you need to move beyond just surviving, to thriving and growing. Our barcode solutions integrate with Sage 100 to deliver seamless data transfer enabling superior efficiency, enhanced reporting tools, data sharing and transparency, and graphical performance indicators. Growth can be achieved because the system is doing so much for you that you can focus on where you want to go from here and how you want to grow.

With our warehouse management system integrated with a powerful and modern ERP software gives you the power and flexibility you need to grow by:

  • Providing your customers with accurate levels of inventory they can count on
  • Improving order to ship time
  • Choosing the devices you want to manage inventory whether it is a scanner, smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Lowering hardware costs exponentially by choosing your platform or a mix of operating systems
  • Verifying every item as it is shipped or received with real time data from your Sage 100 software
  • Automating inventory tracking in bin locations so you know exactly where your inventory is in your warehouse
  • Eliminating the paper pick ticket and tracking orders with ease
  • Grouping multiple orders from one screen to optimize your picking process with intelligent warehouse mapping
  • Mobilizing your sales force and taking orders in the field using advanced barcode technology
  • Tracking inventory on your field service truck in real time
  • Providing access to real-time updates and reports even in remote locations
  • Making better decisions with more accurate data
  • Being more responsive to customer needs

We can help you maximize your business growth

With so many features and capabilities, Scanco’s warehouse management and automation systems are making it easier than ever to grow and develop a competitive and innovative advantage. Let us help you grow your business with warehouse management systems that make your operations more efficient and effective.

A key component of any warehouse management process is integration of your warehouse automation with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Scanco Warehouse offers seamless integration with Sage 100, to automate transactions and share data throughout your organization.

Products like Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 offer solutions to automate, streamline, and verify all of your in-warehouse processes. Perhaps you would like to take advantage of barcode tracking or EDI capabilities. Scanco offers Sage 100 Advanced Shipping Notification to automate delivery to the customer.

As one of the leading warehouse management technology partners in the United States, Scanco can help guide you in the decision-making process and pair you with solutions that will make your business more effective.

Contact us for more information on how products like Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 can increase inventory-handling accuracy, improve allocation of human resources and control costs associated with obsolete and slow-moving stock. It may be time for you to maximize your business growth with improved warehouse management.


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