Inventory Tracking Software Can Help Keep New Warehouse Hires Safe Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

July 7th 2020 15:00:00 PM

The COVID-19 Epidemic has created an unprecedented situation that has made changes in how we do just about everything in our lives. Customers who used to go shopping at a retail store are now shopping online. Business is booming for online retailers and the demand for distribution workers is higher than ever.

A search on a popular job search site in June 2020 for “warehouse” revealed more than 70,000 open positions across the US. These positions range from temporary work to permanent work with paid vacations and benefits. Some of them even offered signing bonuses to new employees. If you are currently looking to fill openings at your company, what can you do to make your business more attractive to candidates? Make sure that job candidates are aware of the modern warehouse inventory software you are using and how it can help with physical distancing in the workplace.

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Safety Measures for Warehouse Workers

Along with your inventory tracking software, a job candidate will likely have questions about the measures you have put in place to help keep them safe. The candidate will likely have specific concerns about picking when they have coworkers who may be picking in the same areas.

Everyone working in the warehouse should be wearing disposable gloves. This measure has been shown to protect from the COVID-19 virus since it can survive on surfaces for an extended time.

How Inventory Tracking Software Can Help to Keep Warehouse Workers Safe

The inventory tracking system allows you to see which orders need to be filled, which ones are ready to ship, and the ones that have already been shipped out to customers. It eliminates the need for keeping records using a pen and paper, along with the delay in updating your inventory records.

By choosing inventory tracking software, you will always be on top of the numbers in the warehouse. The program updates in real-time, so you have access to the latest data available.

Assign Workers to Designated Areas for Physical Distancing

You probably already know that physical counting is not the best option for keeping track of the numbers in your warehouse. It takes too much time, and your team members would have to be too close to each other in these unprecedented times.

Inventory tracking software can be used with a barcode scanning gun to gather data. Since you know this is a much quicker and more efficient way to get the data you need, one worker can be assigned to work in a designated area only. It should be easier to keep workers separated from each other if they remember to stay in their designated areas and contact a supervisor by cellphone with questions or concerns instead of approaching a coworker in this instance.

Use Voice Picking for Safe Working Conditions

Along with setting up a system of safe working areas for physical counting, voice picking is another strategy that can be used to keep your team members safe. This method allows your warehouse team members to move quickly between items being picked without having to handle a list or refer to an electronic device between items.

Instead, they are outfitted with a headset that tells them what needs to be picked and the quantity. You can still assign your workers to specific areas, and there are fewer physical surfaces to be cleaned after they are finished their shift.

The best practice in this instance is to issue each worker a headset. They can share the processing devices. Again, they would be wearing disposable gloves during each shift.

This COVID-19 virus is having an impact on businesses of all sizes. Scanco knows you want to keep your company running and your employees safe. Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to schedule an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert to discuss how we can help you during this unprecedented time.


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