Stop Fighting Fires by Choosing Business Process Automation Solutions Instead

June 30th 2020 15:00:00 PM

Do you find that in the current business environment you are fighting fires more often than usual? The coronavirus pandemic has placed companies in unfamiliar territory. With the worldwide situation affecting the way people worldwide live and work, it’s tempting to deal with immediate crises only. This approach will keep you busy, but it doesn’t help to deal with the underlying problem. Business process automation solutions can help you get to the bottom of an issue and resolve it.

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Why Fighting Fires is Not Helpful to Avoid Crisis Management

Even during the best of times, you may feel as though you are faced with more issues than you have time to deal with. As a business owner or a manager, you may even get caught up in a cycle where everything seems as though it is urgent. This situation may occur for several reasons:

  1. There is not enough time to stay on top of day-to-day matters.

    If there aren’t enough team members or you don’t have the right tools to keep on top of everyday matters that need to be tracked, it can be tempting to let them slide. The fire that needs to be put out will always attract attention before something that should be looked after, but no one is making an issue about today. Unfortunately, today’s non-issue tends to become tomorrow, next week, or next month’s fire if it is left unattended.

  2. Problems are not resolved completely.

    The opposite side of the “There isn’t enough time to deal with everyday matters” coin is that there isn’t enough time to deal with problems that come up completely. When your focus is on putting out fires, you do what is necessary to deal with the immediate issue only. There isn’t time to look into a situation any further or change policies and procedures to make a long-term solution.

  3. The firefighting activities get in the way of running the business.

    When you and your team are being distracted by moving from one crisis to the next, there is no time to do any long-term planning. Your team members are also running the risk of burning out from dealing with problems coming at them often that have to be dealt with rapidly. Most people can appreciate that there will be some times when a situation needs to be resolved quickly and it may require the cooperation of several team members to get it sorted out. When it becomes a regular occurrence, this is an indication of a problem with the way the business is being run.

Scanco’s Business Process Automation Solutions Put Out Fires and Put You Back in Control

The current COVID-19 situation is one that is placing many businesses in situations where their owners and managers have to make decisions quickly. More than ever, being able to automate manual processes to free up time spent on functions such as checking inventory levels, generating work orders and purchase orders, verifying quotes for accuracy, and setting production schedules is important.

If these functions can be performed with software, it frees up your team members for other functions. Accomplish more (and more accurately) by turning the processes that can be automated over to Sage Operations Management. If you are already familiar with Sage 100, Sage Operations Management adds on to your existing system to give you the ability to track each stage of a job from preparing an estimate for a customer through to delivery and billing.

You will be able to plan your supply and labor costs more accurately, including customizing materials as required. Prioritize jobs and manage workflow in real-time. Sage Operations Management is the tool you need to put out fires and start being proactive now.

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