Mobile Field Service and Mobile Sales Are Gaining Popularity with Manufacturers and Distributors

May 3rd 2016 15:00:41 PM

mobile field serviceMore manufacturers and distributors are realizing the positive impact of mobile field service and mobile sales applications. Having real-time enterprise customer data available to the sales and service staff on their mobile devices allows them to be more responsive to customer needs and work more efficiently. These benefits directly improve customer relationships, grow revenue, and increase profitability.

Mobile Field Service and Sales Require ERP Integration

Your Sage 100 ERP is a source of real-time data for decision making. Rather than keeping that information locked up with limited access, it should be made available to everyone who needs it.

With Scanco Sales, a Sage 100 mobile sales app, your sales force has real-time customer, inventory and order information at their fingertips. They are able to create orders in the field, update customer information and check inventory levels and delivery dates. Data collected from the Sage 100 mobile sales app is available in Sage 100 and can be used back in the office for financial reports and decision making.

Using Scanco Service, a Sage 100 mobile field service app, your customer service team can have access to current inventory levels both in the warehouse and on the truck. It has job tracking, item inquiry and warehouse transfers—all perfectly integrated with your Sage 100 warehouse system. Accurate inventory counts not only improve profitability, but also increase customer satisfaction.

Optimizing for Growth is a Major Concern

Having better customer data available to your sales and mobile field service staff not only promotes revenue and growth, but also enables your company to manage that growth.  Better and more accessible data can help increase revenue and it also decentralizes the tasks so that they can be accomplished more efficiently and effectively. For example, if customer data is updated by the customer, the sales staff or the mobile field service staff in the field, it can be distributed to the point of the action and is less likely to contain error. Greater efficiency enables growth.

Customer Service Is Here to Stay

The more things change, the more they stay the same, as the old saying goes. The more manufacturers and distributors use technology to improve profits and grow their business, the more personal service customers demand.

Mobile field service and Sage 100 mobile sales software can help you go that extra mile and provide the service your customers have grown to expect. With Scanco Field Service and Scanco Sales, customer relationship management becomes easier. Your staff will have access to order information, past orders, shipping data and more.
Cloud-based sales and service apps offer a cost-effective, scalable and secure method of providing the best solution to your company at the best possible cost.

Now is the time to investigate mobile sales and service solutions for your company. With so much emphasis on service from among all industry sectors, and more cost-effective solutions at your fingertips, investing in mobile field service and mobile sales solutions can help you grow your business.

Mobile Apps That Operate on Multiple Platforms

When you are looking to implement mobile field service and sales applications, compatibility is crucial. If you are like the majority of companies, your sales and service staff bring their own devices to work. That is why Scanco Sales and Scanco Service operate on any popular mobile systems including iOS, Android and Windows. You can rest assured that the same interface and the same data is available to all.

Contact Scanco today to learn more about our Sage 100 mobile sales and mobile field service software.


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