Productivity Tools Boost Efficiency, Lead to Employee Engagement

February 7th 2023 11:00:00 AM

Modern businesses face challenges trying to do more with fewer resources. Productivity tools can fill in some gaps by increasing employee efficiency on the job. They also help employees feel engaged at work, which brings benefits for both workers and the company alike.

Definition of Employee Engagement

workers using productivity tools to get their work done in the warehouse

Employee engagement is different from employee happiness. It’s also different from employee satisfaction. Employee engagement is defined as the emotional commitment the employee makes to the company, its goals, and values.

Engaged employees don’t work just to collect their paycheck or to get promoted to the next level with the company. They work to help the company reach its goals.

When employees are engaged in their work, it leads to the following benefits:

  • Higher job satisfaction for employees
  • Increased efficiency for the company
  • Better customer service satisfaction
  • Increased profitability

Advantages of Productivity Tools

There are several reasons to invest in productivity tools for your business, including the following:

1. They streamline your team’s workflow.

The modern workplace is a busy place with multiple demands on an employee’s time. When faced with several demands, an employee may shift their attention to things that are less important. Tasks which are more important may not receive the attention they need.

Productivity tools help your team stay on track with their tasks and ignore distractions. The tools help employees follow a specific set of steps and complete their tasks in an organized manner.

2. Productivity tools reduce the need for paperwork.

These virtual tools allow employees to complete tasks without the need to use paper. Since the records are stored electronically, employees don’t need to spend time looking for hard copy records in a filing cabinet. They can simply retrieve them online.

The company also benefits by reducing its need for physical space to store paperwork. Commercial real estate, as we know, is very expensive, and using it to store files isn’t the most efficient way to use this valuable resource.

3. They make it easy to collaborate with others.

The right productivity tools make communication easy and convenient. It doesn’t matter whether other team members are located in the same office, in the warehouse, or out on the road.

Productivity tools make it easy for team members to keep in touch and stay productive. They reduce the time wasted due to key employees being unavailable. The company can achieve more in less time.

4. Productivity tools help employees maintain quality.

Engaged employees are putting forth their best efforts on their company’s behalf. They are happy at work and enjoy the work they do.

When a company invests in modern technology (which includes productivity tools) which allow employees to be productive and focus on their work, it goes a long way toward keeping them engaged. Employees are more likely to produce quality work which is recognized by their managers. The manager gives the employee recognition, which encourages the employee to continue producing quality work.

5. They allow for easy tracking.

Tracking is a key feature for fulfilling deadlines. If deadlines are not being tracked accurately, it can lead to devastating results. When employees are busy, it’s easy for something to get overlooked. This is where productivity tools come in. The software can easily and capably keep deadlines organized.

6. Productivity tools work well with a mobile workforce.

The modern workforce is one that has embraced mobility and the tools it uses need to be mobile too. Productivity tools ensure that outside sales representatives can easily stay connected with the office. These tools also keep everyone, from executives to warehouse workers connected, no matter where they happen to be at any time.

Productivity Tools for Sage 300 Increase Efficiency in your Company

When you need to boost efficiency but have limited resources, look no further than Sage 300 apps. These add-ons give your company the following benefits:

  • Increased Productive Capability

They put information directly in your team’s hands. As a result, they spend more time on activities where they can use their education and skills and less time on unproductive tasks. This is also an effective strategy to keep your team engaged in their work.

  • Scalable

Our solutions work for start-ups and enterprise companies alike. Scanco can tailor a custom solution that will fit your current needs and grow with your company. Start with one module and add more as your company’s needs change!

  • Mobile

Sage 300 apps make it easy to do business anywhere, anytime. Your data is always available when your team needs it.

Scanco Mobile Salesperson allows your sales team to spend more time on sales calls and less time on administrative tasks. This mobile app gives them real-time, end-to-end mobile order management and fulfillment anywhere. Your sales team can use the app to create orders, invoices, and quotes. Your company can get paid faster, since your sales representative can collect deposits and payments from customers directly and print invoices on the spot. All transactions are kept secure with device-level security and encrypted data transfer.

Commission Manager automatically calculates your sales representative’s commissions in real time when they create a customer invoice or receive a customer’s payment. The app is flexible enough to calculate commissions based on the criteria you set, such as:

  • Flat rate
  • Geography
  • Percentage
  • Specific duration
  • Volume

Commission Manager can also calculate commissions by sales group or job category. Count on the app to calculate your sales team’s commissions correctly, and your sales team will receive them on time.

Scanco Mobile Inventory works with barcode scanners in the warehouse to save time on inventory counting, item picking, and more. Inventory counts are updated as items are scanned in. This app integrates with Sage 300 in real time to import sales orders and customer information and purchase orders directly into the software.

Would you like to learn more about Scanco’s productivity tools for Sage 300 and how they can help increase your company’s efficiency (and improve employee engagement)? Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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