Sage 100 Mobile Cloud Solutions for Field Service, Sales, and the Warehouse

June 7th 2016 15:00:16 PM

Did you know that Scanco offers warehouse, sales, and field service Sage 100 mobile solutions that work in the cloud? These cloud-based Sage 100 mobile solutions are modular and provide accessibility to your warehouse and customer data no matter where your staff are located.

Sage 100 Mobile Solutions Improve Business Agility and Data Transparency

When your company is growing whether through increased sales, geographic expansion or acquisition, cloud-based systems can help your business be agile and flexible. By leveraging cloud capabilities such as improved access and transparency, organizations transform processes to ease growing pains. Cloud systems can smooth the migration of shared processes and data, help move toward integrated systems and provide multi-location access.

Scanco grants you access to the Scanco Warehouse suite taking warehouse automation to a whole new level. An easy-to-use, Sage 100 mobile user interface is possible with Scanco Warehouse and Scanco Sales. These cloud-based, mobile systems allow for much easier delivery of inventory, order and customer data on mobile platforms allowing warehouse employees, sales staff and mobile field service access on any device and from anywhere.

Sage 100 Mobile Solutions Are Cost-Effective

You might think that these Sage 100 mobile solutions won’t fit in your budget. In fact, cloud-based systems are more cost-effective than traditional desk-top solutions. They are the perfect fit for small and mid-sized businesses because upfront costs are lower than ever. Scanco’s Sage 100 mobile solutions can work on any device whether it is Android, iOS or Windows. When you need more rugged mobile devices, we can provide those as well.

Contact us to learn more about our cloud-based Sage 100 mobile solutions.


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