Sage 100 Pricing Packs More Benefits Into One Package

December 26th 2019 16:00:00 PM

Curious about Sage 100 pricing? This is a software package that’s definitely worth the price tag. Sage 100 packs more into one license than most software packages, and offers great support, too.

Features of Sage 100 

Sage 100 offers many features appealing to manufacturers. This includes:

  1. Inventory tracking and management: Use with Scanco apps to track all types of inventory. You can track multiple warehouses and inventory locations using Sage 100 and review information and reports anywhere you have access to the system. The cloud makes real-time data sharing possible.
  2. Reporting: Excellent reporting features make Sage 100 a manager’s best friend. Drill down into different inventory categories; review reports that make sense with business intelligence features. Data in the cloud is real-time so your reports are as accurate as possible. There’s no waiting time for various employees to contribute data or crunch the numbers because it is all in the system and ready to run reports.
  3. Purchasing management: Authorized users can obtain details on purchases and manage inventory levels, invoices, and receiving.

This is just a handful of the many features available in Sage 100 which make it a powerful friend for manufacturers. With Scanco apps added to a basic Sage 100 page, you have the software you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently. 

Sage 100 Works Well With Scanco Apps

One of the reasons manufacturers love Sage 100 is that it connects easily with Scanco apps. Scanco’s apps enable you to scan barcodes to track and monitor inventory in your warehouse. This includes many types of inventory from raw goods to finished products, equipment, and more.

To receive a custom quote, contact Scanco online or calling us at (330) 645-9959 to set up an appointment today.


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