Scanco Apps for Sage 100 Pricing Structure, Features Make It a Winner

December 24th 2019 16:00:00 PM

If you are operating a small or medium-sized distribution or manufacturing business, growth is expected and encouraged. You know our current accounting practices (manual or a basic software program) aren’t going to be robust enough for this growth. At some point, an update to an automated system will be needed. Before you make any decisions in that regard, consider whether a proposed option has the features you need. We are confident that once you look at the combination of Scanco Apps for Sage 100 pricing and features, you’ll agree it brings a lot the table which can benefit your business.

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Scanco Apps for Sage 100 Overview and Benefits 

Sage 100 is a platform that was developed for small and medium-sized businesses. It delivers inventory and manufacturing features right out of the box. It’s an excellent option for companies who need to upgrade from their current manual processes or accounting software to a business management solution. Sage 100 offers the capability to collect, interpret, and share data across various departments in the business.

Organizations can become more collaborative, with data on inventory levels, orders, customers, operations, and finances being shared with authorized users in real-time. Adding Scanco Apps provides continuous optimization of your inventory planning and replenishment processes.

Sage 100 Features 

Sage 100’s feature’s list includes the following:

  1. Inventory Management
    This feature gives users control over warehouse inventory. Track stock levels accurately to reduce carrying costs and fill orders quickly. Customer satisfaction levels and cash flow will improve as a result. Scanco’s Warehouse Automation for Sage 100 brings inventory management to the next level by automating cycle counting and year-end physical count from any iOS or Android compatible device.
  2. Purchasing Management
    Streamline the entire purchasing and restocking process from ordering to receipts. Sage100 gives you detailed, precise records of each item purchased. Authorized users can access information about dates, pricing, quantities ordered, who placed the order, and any special instructions.
  3. Business Reporting
    Sage 100 gives your authorized users visibility in their department and throughout the business. Report accuracy is vastly improved, since there is no lag time waiting for a staff member to perform data entry. Your team has access to the latest data, allowing managers to make decisions based on the latest factors. Decision making will be more accurate, resulting in better outcomes for the business.
  4. Manufacturing Tracking and Reporting
    If efficiency has been getting bogged down at any point in the process from the shop floor to completing orders and shipping them to customers, Sage 100’s tracking and reporting functions can help. It will point out exactly where the issues lie and monitor progress in tackling them. Sage Production Management gives discrete make to stock manufacturers and fabricators the tools they need to achieve end-to-end visibility into their entire production process.

Scanco Apps for Sage 100 Pricing Structure

Scanco Apps for Sage 100 pricing is based on the bundle of features you need for your business. If you’re running a small business, you won’t get stuck paying for a bunch of sophisticated features that would be a better fit for a company operating a higher volume. You also have the option of adding optional features to customize your application.

The good news is these mobile apps for Sage 100 are fully scalable. As your business grows, it can be adapted to fit your needs. Start with the minimum number of users included in your Scanco start-up pack and scale up as needed.

If you are operating a medium-sized business now, Scanco Apps for Sage 100 are a great fit. It’s easy to set up and simple to use. Take advantage of more advanced features such as physical count by bin and by item, inventory transfers, quick picking, and more.

Would you like to discover more about Scanco Apps for Sage 100, including a custom quote for your business needs? Take the next step by contacting us online or calling us at (330) 645-9959 to set up an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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