Sage 300 Inventory, Sales, and Ordering Apps Give Your Team an Advantage

February 15th 2022 11:00:00 AM

As the wheels of business begin turning following COVID-19, we know things will not be returning to normal. The global pandemic has changed how many companies run, forcing them to pivot and embrace different models that include remote working. Many companies have adopted new product lines. 

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The pandemic has not robbed businesses of the need for productivity, though. No matter what types of products the company decides to manufacture or distribute, there is still an unrelenting need to perform necessary tasks efficiently. Sage 300 inventory, sales, and ordering apps give your team members some tools to boost productivity even if you are working with limited resources.

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Business Landscape Changed During Pandemic

E-commerce and home delivery have soared, while brick-and-mortar retail has seen drops in sales as customers have stayed at home. Some manufacturers have faced shortages of raw materials, even if they have had orders to fill. Other companies have cut back on their production capacity due to fewer orders. When business picked up, they found it challenging to attract employees.

In a third scenario, some manufacturers and distributors have managed to change their focus. These businesses could make or carry new products quickly and came through the pandemic relatively unscathed. 

Efficiency a Priority in Post-Pandemic World

Companies may still find it challenging to fill orders and provide good customer service, especially if they can’t find enough workers. They will have to rely more on technology to automate tasks whenever possible. 

When repeatable tasks, such as filling out sales orders and quotations are automated, your team members can complete these tasks more efficiently. They also have more time to make sales calls and interact with new and existing customers. 

With electronic invoicing options, your sales representatives can present an invoice to the customer directly and collect deposits and final payments from the customer. Your company gets paid more quickly, which is much better for your cash flow—whether we are in a post-pandemic world or not. 

Sage 300 Inventory and Productivity Apps from Scanco

Scanco understands that navigating challenges is part of doing business. The post-pandemic world means there are more challenges than usual. Get prepared with the best digital applications and tools available today. Scanco is pleased to offer the following Sage 300 inventory and productivity apps to our valued customers:

Sage 300 Mobile Inventory 

Count on Mobile Inventory to streamline inventory counting, along with shipping and receiving functions. This app will improve efficiency and boost productivity with barcode scanning from handheld devices. Sage ERP updates inventory counts, locations, and transfers in real-time. The software stores shipping details to generate invoices on the spot and ultimately shorten the payment cycle.

Sage 300 Mobile Salesperson

Sage 300 Mobile Salesperson gives your business the capability to automate your sales order management and fulfillment on the spot. Your sales team manages orders from their home office, at a customer’s site, or on the road. All they need is a smartphone. The entire process is easy and efficient. With Mobile Salesperson, your outside sales team can create orders, quotes, and invoices. The Mobile Salesperson app can collect payments, schedule routes, update customer information, and more. 

Sage 300 Commission Manager

This app automatically calculates commissions when a member of your team makes a sale. Your sales representative can see their commissions add up in real-time when the customer is billed for an order or when they pay. Commission Manager automatically calculates commissions based on the criteria you specify. Your team will appreciate being paid on time, too. 

Sage 300 Order Entry with Excel (OE2E)

Boost productivity with Sage 300 Order Entry with Excel. This powerful tool allows your employees to seamlessly import and export from Sage 300 ERP directly to a spreadsheet. Customizable and scalable, Order Entry with Excel will decrease the amount of time and effort needed for this necessary function.

Sage 300 Sales Order to Purchase Order (SO2PO)

With Sales Order to Purchase Order, your team can easily create a purchase order by opening a Sage 300 sales order, choosing a vendor and an item. Revise or cancel purchase orders with ease within the app. Recreate purchase orders for canceled items, display each item cost from either OE or PO setup, audit reports to print and revise your purchase orders, and more.

Sage 300 Data Dump Scheduler

Data Dump Scheduler allows users to schedule automatic backups and restores with the convenience of a single mouse click. The app makes creating an audit trail of each backup easy since this necessary task becomes automated. Schedule your database dump and load at a convenient time. These functions are all performed through a Sage 300 backup server. 

Sage 300 Add-Ons from Scanco Help Your Business Grow

The Sage 300 inventory, sales, and ordering apps from Scanco listed above give your team the information they need to do their work whether they are in the main office, working from home, or on the road. They can focus more of their time and attention on productive tasks that will produce results for your company. 

For business owners who find themselves having to do as much (or more) with fewer resources, using technology whenever possible to help makes sense. Let software and apps automate routine tasks. This decision frees up your valuable team members’ time to take on more challenging ones. 

Each one of these modules was designed to be scalable. You have the freedom to start with one and add more as your business needs change. 

Let one of Scancos Solutions Experts share more information about our Sage 300 add-ons. Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment today. 


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