Supply Chain Management Solutions: 3 Tips

May 26th 2020 15:00:00 PM

Right now, some companies are finding their typical supply chain management solutions aren’t working. Global and local disruptions due to airport closures, border closures, or other problems, thanks to the global pandemic, are making it difficult for some suppliers to get goods through to their customers.

Managing the supply chain isn’t easy and it’s especially difficult during a crisis. The following 3 tips can help you weather the current global problems and prepare for the potential of other disruptions in future years.

  1. Review all of your suppliers now: look over your ERP system and contact all suppliers, past and present. Find out who is shipping, what their turnaround times are, and their current prices. Your current suppliers may not be able to provide inventory replenishment but there may be alternatives.
  2. Keep a little more inventory in stock: although we’re usually in favor of lean inventory, global disruptions or major national disruptions such as hurricanes call for keeping slightly more inventory in stock, especially of popular items.
  3. Use good supply chain management software: cloud-based supply chain management software such as Scanco offer a reliable way to continue to conduct business even if things are disrupted in one part of the world. Cloud hosting typically includes multiple backups and servers so if one is disrupted others can take over.

Warehouse managers may scramble right now to fill some orders but, for the most part, business can continue as usual. The trick is to ensure the supply chain remains uninterrupted as much as possible.

Managing the supply chain is easier with the right supply chain management software.  Scanco’s supply chain management solutions for your small manufacturing business offers scalable solutions that grow with your business. Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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