Supply Chain Management Solutions for Small Manufacturers

May 19th 2020 15:00:00 PM

If you’re running a small manufacturing company, it may feel as though supply chain management is one of the most challenging aspects of the business. On one hand, you need to keep it flowing smoothly to keep orders filled and cash coming into the business. On the other hand, you may not always find it as easy to deal with your suppliers as larger companies. Small manufacturers can take the initiative and use supply chain management solutions to improve operations and help grow their business.

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Get Savvy About Supply Chain Management

Small manufacturers often don’t have the same kinds of resources as a larger company. You have fewer employees and may still be at the stage where your team members are wearing multiple “hats,” depending on what needs to be done on a particular day. This type of lean management style can make for a rewarding work experience, but there is little in the way of back-up if something goes off schedule. One of your priorities should be building some helpful “cushions” into your supply chain.

  1. Develop Multiple Sources for Supplies
    You never want to be stuck in a situation where you can’t fulfill an order because your regular supplier will be late getting raw materials or supplies to you. Even if you have a long-standing relationship with a particular supplier and this company has been reliable to date, unforeseen events or even a natural disaster could get in the way of an order being delivered on time.

    It’s a good idea to have more than one source you can turn to which can provide the materials you need as a backup. Some companies prefer to rotate their regular orders between two or more suppliers so they are not dependent on one company for deliveries.

  2. Invest in Cloud-Based Supply Chain Management Software
    You’ll want to do everything possible to ensure your supply chain is protected from your warehouse to the production floor, and throughout the shipping process. With cloud-based software, you don’t have to worry about whether you have the latest version or installing updates. You always have access to the latest version.

    With the software in place, you will be able to track materials and labor for each job easily. Inventory management is not a matter of guess-work anymore, since counts are accurate and updated in real-time. Forecasting for delivery dates becomes much more reliable when you have access to accurate inventory numbers and production schedules.

  3. Implement Quality Control Policies
    Review the terms of your contracts with suppliers. If you receive faulty or damaged supplies or materials, you should be able to return them to the supplier for a credit. Make sure the consequences of supplying subpar materials are explained and that you expect replacements to be provided quickly so your orders aren’t affected.

    If a particular supplier persists in providing materials with quality issues, you may need to make a change to a more reliable company for future orders.

Scanco Has Supply Chain Management Solutions to Fit Your Growing Business

It’s not too early to think about Scanco’s supply chain management solutions for your small manufacturing business. We understand it’s important to take charge of your supply chain and get started on the right foot. You’ll be able to start your business the way you intend to continue building it, with manufacturing automation tools that will help you make the best decisions for your company.

Scanco can show you what will fit your needs today and how our scalable solutions will grow with your business going forward. Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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