The Power of Mobile Warehouse Management

February 12th 2015 17:54:35 PM

Uncovering the effect mobile technology has on warehouse management

Are you using mobile technology in the office? How about the warehouse? While it may seem contradictory to allow employees access to their mobile devices in the workplace, research is showing that companies who do allow the use of mobile technology are making more progress than companies who do not. By providing their employees with mobile access, companies are taking the initiative to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and boost their profits.

What many companies fail to realize is that moving to a more mobile infrastructure does not require a significant investment in time nor funds. Many companies already possess the capability to take their warehouses from good to great; they just don’t know how to use the tools they already have to accomplish their warehouse management goals.

Most companies today already have a number of smartphones and tablets at their disposal. Whether they were purchased initially to entice employees or improve specific processes, mobile devices are certainly nice to have in today’s technologically advanced marketplace. In the office mobile technology serves to connect office personnel to sales reps and customers, allowing those both in and outside the office to access the software and documents they need to get their jobs done.

In the same way, mobile technology provides the warehouse with access to the software and documents it needs to run efficiently. As you know, connecting to the company’s ERP system is vital to maintaining efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse. With mobile applications, warehouse personnel can connect seamlessly to the company’s ERP system, access the information they need, and perform their job effectively.

How are real-life warehouses using mobile technology?
As you know, our mobile warehouse management apps allow users to connect to Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software) via their smartphone or tablet, broadening the stream of communication between the front-office and the warehouse. By accessing Sage 100 ERP on mobile devices, warehouse managers are better able to manage the warehouse as a whole. Take a look at how two of our customers have used mobile devices to improve their processes and boost their profitability:

One of our customers recently purchased 30 of our Android mobile devices (link to tc55 product page) to make their field service mobile warehouse management solution a success. Being part of the field service industry, this company’s employees spend a lot of time out in the field (not in the warehouse). In fact, while there is a central warehouse location, each of the company trucks serves as a mobile warehouse. As you can imagine, inventory management was a nightmare. Inventory was tracked manually, and the company had no way of knowing which inventory items were on the truck at any specific time.

In an effort to better manage the inventory that passes through their trucks and improve sales and service transactions, this company went mobile. Through the implementation of our Scanco Sales and warehouse management apps, they are now able to process service-based transactions on their mobile devices and process inventory management directly on the truck. Each truck is equipped with Wifi, allowing employees to connect to the company’s main server and transmit real-time information to the rest of the company. Rather than having to wait until the end of the day for an update, the front-office now has the information they need to keep their customers (and executives) informed.

Another one of our clients was interested in going mobile but wanted to mix-and-match their technology to better serve their warehouse and its needs. In addition to distributing products, this company also processes paint, meaning there are volatile chemicals present in the warehouse and other risks associated with the production process. They did not want to spend a fortune outfitting their company in warehouse management products, so they turned to use to find a solution.

We implemented a variety of mobile solutions – including both iOS and Android – to match the environment in which they would be used. We then outfitted each device with the necessary add-on features (barcode scanners, pistol grip accessories, etc.) and set them up in their corresponding environments. Now the company is using both solutions seamlessly to meet their needs and achieve their warehouse management goals.

Interested in learning how our Sage 100 mobile apps can empower your company in the way they empowered the companies above? Contact us today!


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